Night Swimming ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Night Swimming ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The water
Was warm tonight
As I floated
In the pool
Of your heart’s desires
The night air
Was gentle
On my skin
As you swam
In my thoughts
And pulled me
Under with you
Into the depths
Of our lust
Rising up
From under water
I emerge
Naked in your arms
I kissing your lips
For just a moment
You whisper my name
As you dive under
Sliding me back into your fantasy
One lap after another
I swam with you
In your heart
Never leaving you
I was with you
For every beat
Until I stepped out of the pool
Of your crystal blue eyes
And stood before you
I was wet
Wet with arousal
For you
My naked skin
Glistened in the moonlight
As you thought of me
Somewhere in the
Energetic flow
Of passions
That were simmering
Just under the
Swinging of my skirt
Your eyes
To linger
Just long enough
For me to notice
Your appetite
For me
You made me wet
Wet for you
I feel the hunger
The hunger
Pounding in your
Tonight you swim
In the watery depths
Of my hips
Swimming to forget
The throbbing
Of your cock
Swimming to feel
The water slide against your skin
Swimming in lust
For me as the
Hunger in your chest is
Growing insatiably
I am called to you
You called me to you
It is here with you
In the pool
Of our desires
I feel
A yearning
A hunger
An ache
Me to you
It challenges
My sensibilities
I see images
Of lust and submission
Before my eyes
In plain sight
Carefully obscured from
Public view
But open wide
For you to see
It’s in my trust
For you
That I feel most free
Free to play
In the playground
Of our lust and desire
It is here
I swim naked
And free
With you
Floating peascefully
In your heart
I swim with you
I swim
In your heart tonight
Night Swimming
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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1st BlueLove Poem ~ Spark Of A New Desire ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Spark Of A New Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Two minds
One fantasy
In lust
As if
The waters
Of chemistry
If we
Should we
Act out our
Should we
The door
To mutual
And invite
To bring
Our bodies
Should we
Allow our
Eyes to meet
And linger
In this moment of
Conflicted self awareness
Logic speaks
To obstacles
Energy passing
Between us
Begs to entwine
Our arms
Our lips
Our bodies
Connect our minds
Take this ride
Of romance
Without knowing
If it is prudent
Because it
Lacks convenience
Lives in
My mind
And stirs
My body
By your mere
Glance at my breasts
You set me on fire
With just your eyes
The spark
Of new desire
Ignites me
Juices Flow and
Brings life
To my creativity
You are invited to
Create with me
(C)2013 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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NOTE For some reason I woke up wondering what was the first poem I wrote for Blue Love and when did I write it. This is it💙I wrote it on March 19, 2013. I still feel the same erotic spark of desire for him four years and lots of changes later💙💋✌️
#BlueLove 💙💙💙💋✌️

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Dear Future Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Dear Future Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

To my future lover
We haven’t met yet
The path of our
Love has not yet
Intersected through
My eyes
And pierced my heart
With your name
I want you
To see me
I want you
To know me
As I am today
Changed by
Lost love
Yet opened
By the heartbroken
And awakened
Into a divine
Authentic expression
Of the Loving woman
Woman I am
I want you
To know
My body
Challenges me
And sometimes
I will need your
Help and support
To strengthen me and
To center my
Racing mind
Do you have the courage
To stand beside me
And face
The road I am traveling
From illness to healing
As my lover
Are you compassionate enough
To see my sadness
And choose me
Pick me
Instead yourself at times
Can you be with me
When I am sick and sad
Without trying to fix it
Can you be
In my silence
But know inside
I roar with strength
But sometimes
I am weak
I want you
To know
That my soul
Is changing and growing
I am awakening into
A new beautiful
Version of my authentic self
Can your ego
See me in my
True skin
Listen to my
And see me
As your equal
Eye to eye
Your equal
I want you
To know
I need passion
I need passion
I want
The linger
Of your eyes
And the penetration
Of your power
Into my body
I want
All of you
All of you
You need to know
Men will want me
But I will only
Want you
Men will notice me
But I will only
See you
Men will desire me
But my heart
And soul
Will only
Be yours
Know that
I will need you
And physically
I will want
To hear your
Voice before
I fall asleep
And text you
When I wake up
I will want
To hug you
Kiss you
And fuck you
As any woman
Who truly loves
A man does
Dear future lover
I am a woman
Who needs
A man’s attention
I am woman
Who needs
A man’s touch
I am a woman
Who needs
All of you
I will need
All of you
Dear future lover
Are you a man
Who needs a woman
Are you a man
Who needs the
Wild ride
Of love and passion
My future lover
If you are a man
Who will be
And Physically available to me
Then I will be
A woman who
Will love you
And only you

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Inside ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Inside ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I can feel
Sliding over
My bare skin
Warming me
With the friction
My nipples
Are around
My nipples
Sucking until
They are
Hard with lust
Arousing my senses
With lust
As I feel fingers
Part my lips
To feel
The center
Of my fire
That aches for
My body aches
Between my legs
I can feel
Spread my legs
And with
Deliberate forcefulness
He enters me
Inside of me
Deep inside
Of me
Until I open
My eyes
To see
I am alone
In my bed
But I still
Feel the
Penetration in
My body
Wetting me
Into juiciness
Feeling the thrust
Of hips
Against my thighs
I cry out
As I ride
The wave
Of orgasms
Rolling across
My body
For more
Inside of me
Deep inside of
My fire
Lick my flames
As my hips
Rise into his mouth
I am
In my bed
But somehow
I am being fucked
Brining me
To edge and back
I slide my
Vibrator deep inside
Until my
Whole body shakes
Into climax
Collapsing into
Lustful submission
Not really
Being sure
What just happened
But feeling
Like I was fucked
By your mind
I felt you
Of me
Of me
Last night
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Erotically True Blue ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Erotically True Blue ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The power is
In the voice
That speaks
To me
Through the air
Begging my heart
To open
Just a little wider
To let him in
A little deeper
Calling to my
Lustful desires
To keep my fire
Burning for him
Just him
Don’t let go
There is
Energy passing
From the power
Of his voice
Floating in the air
Into the center
Of my fire
Wetting me with desire
And filling my
Heart with these words
Of Reassurance
The fire
Burning between
My legs
Is for him
This is my
Reassurance to him
Our connection
Feeds both
Of our spirits
Traveling through
The air
I hear him
Erotic thoughts race
Through my mind
And down into
My breasts
Hardening my nipples
As I anticipate
Placing my
Naked body
At his feet
With legs open wide
For his possession
And deliberate
Entry into my fire
It’s the vision
Of his face
Pressed between
My bare breast
That flashes
In my mind
And sparks
His name on my lips
Wet with anticipation
Of his eyes to mine
The fire
In my belly
Burns brighter
When he is near
I speak to him
Come home
And ignite my embers
Into your inferno
Spark me
With your
I am waiting
Here for you
There is change
Change in the air
Foretold by
The message of spirits
Delivered to me in the
Number 555
Change is
happening in my life
Change is
Happening in my body
Change is
Happening in my spirit
But nothing has
Changed about
My love and desire
For Blue Love
My love
Is still
True Blue
I am
Erotically true blue
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

Blue Eyed Kiss ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Blue Eyed Kiss ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is
A fire
Burning for you
A fire burning
In my soul
That wets my lips
With the taste
Of your kiss
The taste of
Your blue eyed kiss
The fire burns
Between my legs
As I lay in bed
Seeing you
In my mind’s eye
Feeling the full weight
Of your body
Pressed on top
Of my body
Your sweat
Mixing with mine
Your breath
Filing my lungs
Your voice
Drifting into my ear
As you slowly
Press yourself
Inside of my fire
Until we burn as one
Burning deeply inside of me
You hold my glance
In your blue eyes
With each push
Our flame burns brighter
Every sound I make
Fans your flame
Until we collapse
In the embers
Of our lustful desires
There is a fire
A fire
Burning for you
Burning while
You are away
Can you hear
My fire?
Can you
Feel the flames
Of desire
In your lap?
Do my nipples
Brush your lips
As you try
To drift to sleep?
Will you hear
The voice of my fire
As you lay
In bed tonight
Calling to you
To come home
And lick my flames
With your
Blue eyed kiss
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

Breathe In My Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Breathe In My Love
By: Love, Sex And Poetry

In the fresh clean air
I breathe in
I find
A long exhale
I visualize it
As it floats
Out of my Mouth
With the sound
It travels
Across the air
To fill your lungs
And nourish you
With the love
The unconditional love
That is shared
In the bond
Of our souls
Twisted around
Each other
Until my soul
Is unrecognizable
Without the
Of your beautiful
Blue eyes
In my heart
In the silence
Of the night
I hear you
I whisper
Into the wind
From the corner
Of your mind
And intuitively
Comfort you with love
I am here my love
Speak to me
Know I can
Hear the words
You cannot voice
Out loud
I can hear
The breathless desires
You whisper to me
As you toss
From one side
Of the bed
And turn
To the other
Side of the bed
I can hear
Your worries
As if I carried
Them in my own anxieties
I can feel
The flow of
Your energies
From your lustful desires
Brushing me
Between my breasts
As they lay firmly
Between my legs
And leave
Your imprint
Across my thighs
With the thoughts
You send me
Through intuition
I may be
Temporarily retreating
Into the silence
Of the mountains
To balance self
To learn to manage
My abilities
And to learn
How to shine
My light
As a healer
Into the lives
Of others
I may be
Further away from you
Than your heart
Would prefer
But it is in the solitude
Of the woods
I know
The love
In my heart
Is still
It’s the same color
Of your eyes
It’s in the
Clean fresh air
Of these mountains
I hear my blue heart
Quietly echo
Your name
With every beat
And release of tension
I send
My love to you
In every exhale
I place into
The wind love
That floats
Peacefully into
Your lungs
Breathe in deep
My love
Breathe in love
Breathe out fear
Breathe in
The clean fresh air
Of my love for you
I love you
My blue love
I breathe love
Into you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately