Blog Name Change to Writing Holistically

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As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog and the URL. I felt the name of Love, Sex & Poetry was too limiting. I also changed the name because I like to write about all aspects of life not just poetry.

I chose the name “Writing Holistically” because holistic by definition means to view something as a whole and to see how things are inter-connected. I plan to write essays and poetry on this blog about the connections between the mind, body and spirit and how they are related to physical wellness.

I will continue to write about love in poetry and essays. Love, Vitamin L, is the thread of wellness that provides nourishment to us spiritually and also sustains us through hard times. I hope to encourage people to move outside of comfort zone and instead of loading up on supplements for wellness load up on VITAMIN L, that’s Vitamin LOVE💙💙.

I plan to write more about my holistic lifestyle and share information I am learning while in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am already certified to see clients as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach but I do not graduate until May 2018. My health coaching business is Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC. I will not be launching the website for my business until after I graduate in May 2018 but I wanted to start sharing information now. I chose Highest Good as the name for my business because I feel that everyone’s highest good is different and I hope to help the folks in my life find their highest good.

Some housekeeping notes:

Love, Sex & Poetry – Love, Sex & Poetry will still remain the name of my poetry collection. Poetry posted on this site will be tagged a part of that collection. I am maintaining ownership of and it is being redirected to “Writing Holistically”. Interesting, I was told that domain name could be sold for almost $1000. At this time, I am not interested in selling. I consider part of the Love, Sex & Poetry collection to be a “Bluelove” collection as I’ve been inspired to write those poems by a man who has beautiful blue eyes and I call him “Bluelove” 💙 I am looking into how to preserve this poetry collection beyond my lifetime. Websites need to be maintained and cost money. That is fine while I am alive to do that but what’s happens when I am not here? Are they all just lost in cyberspace? I am exploring publishing a coffee table book of poetry and art of the Bluelove collection to at least preserve those poems in another format. More to come on that project in the future.

Twitter & Instagram Feeds Sidebar: All of the new WordPress Themes are coded to be “Mobile Friendly” which means they automatically convert the sites to a format that loads quickly and easily on mobile phones. Unfortunately, that means a two column website like mine which has a right sidebar becomes one column on a mobile phone. Therefore, everything in my right sidebar drops down below my five most recent blog posts. It’s still on the site in mobile view, it’s just at the bottom of page. To fix this I tried adding custom CSS code to change the mobile view column sizes so they were proportional rather than fixed; that did not work. WordPress Engineers told me another theme may display two columns on mobile phones. I will play with that in coming days. I’ve done enough today. For now, here are your options to see my Twitter & Instagram Feeds:

1. When you are on your mobile phone and want to see my Twitter and Instagram Feed, just scroll down below my last five posts. All of my Tweets are there 🙂 You won’t miss anything, I promise 🙂

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Lastly, you are invited to follow me:

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I am really excited about this change and look forward to bringing you all more diverse content about living your highest good life.

(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Love Stories – Poetry

Lovers Art poetry

Love Stories – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Lay next to me
Whisper in my ear
All the things
You feel
In your heart
But can’t say
With your words
Let me see
What’s hidden below
Your manly exterior
Perhaps even
Trust me
Trust me
Enough to
Hold your heart
In my hands
And carry your
Deepest desires
And secrets
As my own
In the most
Private part of
My soul
Trust me
Enough to
Let go
Of what you
Hold so tight
Let me inside
Your inner world
There’s so much
I have yet to
Discover about you
So much
I do not
Yet know
Of your joys
And sorrows
Dreams and hopes
Fears and doubts
Trust me
Enough to
Your experiences
With me
So that I
Truly understand
You as a man
As the man
My soul
Has known
For many lifetimes
Before this one
There is so
Much about you
I’ve yet to know
And so much
About you
Wish to understand
Lay next to me
And tell me
Your story
As I look
Deeply into your
Beautiful blue eyes
It is
In those moments
When my eyes
Meet yours
That see
The comfort
Of a kindred spirit
Who has held
My hand many
Years before today
You were my friend
You could have been
My sibling
You may have
Been my lover before
Our eyes
Knew each other
In this moment
You and I
Were together
Before but
It’s in this lifetime
I truly want to
Know you
I truly
Want to understand you
It’s in this lifetime
I truly want
To complete our connection
Lay next to me
And tell me
What brings
Your heart joy
What gets your excited
What is
Your biggest fear
What does happiness
Unadulterated happiness
Look like to you
As our journey
Together continues
This is the time
I am ready
I am ready
To know you
Beyond the surface
Deeper than skin
Lay next to me
Peel back the layers
Of your soul for
Only my eyes to see
My heart to love
Let me
Love you enough
For you to
Relax your guard
Just enough
To let love
My love
In the crack
And show you
A love without
Expectation or condition
Lay next to me
And show me
Your soul
I promise
I will keep
Your secrets
And honor
Your story
Lay next to me
My love
My soul
Needs to hear
Your story
And my heart
Needs to
Love you
Love you enough
That you
Trust me
Not to hurt you
(C) 2018 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

NOTE: I am giving some thought to changing the name of this blog. While I love “Love, Sex & Poetry”, I think some people think because sex is in the title that it is a pornography blog. While I do sometimes write erotica, this is NOT a pornography blog. One of the other reasons I want to change the name is to give me some more freedom to post essays on things other than love, sex or poetry. While I don’t want to post my journal entries, I do want to post essays on health, spirituality, growth, wellness, life coaching, etc…

I am not interested in maintaining two blogs… so, I want to use this blog to host everything I write. It will also give me a place to share information related to my health coaching business. While school gives me a free website for year, I am waiting until after I graduate in May to design it and launch it. I don’t have the time to focus on that right now. I am starting a new job next Monday. I am pretty excited about it and I am looking forward to freeing up space to learn more about it. I am also committed to ensuring I grow in that role so I can make it a permanent gig 🙂 I will need time and space to grow into it. So, I only want one personal blog for now while I focus on my career development and fulfillment.

If I do change the name, I will be sure to give notice and post the new name before hand so folks can change their bookmarks. While the number of my followers with WordPress accounts is under 90, I do get a lot traffic and hits to my site everyday from other sources. It can vary day to day- but yesterday it was 141 and today it is only 25 so far. I will post the new name before changing it so, hopefully, I don’t lose people who actually like to read it 🙂

Heart & Soul – Poetry

Blue Nude Art

Heart & Soul – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You’ve been
On my mind
Lingering just
On the edge
Of my awareness
In the place
Where my
Heart meets
My soul
You make
My heart race
In the way
That makes
Me sweat a little
And blush
In the light
Of your eyes
As I become
Aware of the
Warmth rising
Through my body
Wetness grows
Between my legs
And I become
Erotically aware
That you
You make
My heart race
In the way
That I need to
Be close to your
Energy to source
My own divine
Feminine erotic inspiration
In your presence
I find myself
Having a hard
Time breathing
You still excite me
After all of this time
I am
In love with you
But I still have
A school girl
Crush on you
It’s quite sweet
And bit
At times
It says something
About the strength
Of our connection
After all of this time
I think it gives
Credence to the
Bond we’ve formed
Over these years
I still
Feel like a school
Girl with a crush
When I look at your
Salt and Pepper
With Crystal Blues
My heart
Is a teenager
Wild and free
Beating with lust
And passion
For you
You hover
In my thoughts
At the place
Where my heart
Meets my soul
Where the
Teenager meets
My mystic old soul
Who sees
With her
Third Eye
And loves
With Anahata passion
Rising from her
Heart Chakra
It’s from this place
The wild and free
Is ignited
With love and
Spiritual connection
It’s from this place
My intuition
Holds you in
My mind’s eye
And hears
You when your soul
Says my name
Calling to me
To meet you
In this place
Where our hearts
Meet ours souls
We are sewed
Into destiny
Into everything
That is good and pure
We are
Through the tapestry
Of joys and sorrows
Of the lifetimes
We’ve shared
In the past
It is when
When I look
Into your
Beautiful blue eyes
I see our
Past, present
And the possibilities
Of our future
As our souls
Are connected
Souls that are
Bonded like
Yours and mine
Are always entwinned
From this place
Where my
Heart meets
My soul
The wild and free
Teenager whose
Heart races
In excitement
When she sees you
Says she loves
And misses you
With the wisdom
And authenticity
Of her wise old soul
Reaching out
Intuitively to
The call of your
Your heart
She hears
In mind
I answer the call
I pray for you &
I nourish your soul
With these words
I write
From the place
Where my heart
Meets my soul
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately


I’ve heard that when you can’t get someone off your mind you should whisper a prayer for them; that’s how God works. He doesn’t work in grand gestures but in small acts of loving surrender. So I whispered a prayer and wrote this poem. My soul needs some Bluelove 💙💙💙🦋💋

Linda – Poetry

Blue Nude ArtLinda – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

When you
Listen to
Your heart
Does your
Soul call
My name
In a low hush
Just loud
Enough that
You can’t
Ignore it
Or pretend
You didn’t
Hear it
Does my
Name stay
With you
As a
Lingering thought
Pulling you back
Into my
My deep brown eyes
That always
Reflect love
Back you
Reflecting back to you
A spiritual love
A love that
Reminds you
My soul
Is yours and
It is as
True blue
As the crystal
Of your eyes
Does my
Name rest
On your chest
At night
As you
Try to fall asleep
Filling your heart
With lust
And your body
With passion
Does every inhalation
Leave you
Restless and conflicted
As you
Roll over
I am not
Next to you
Does my
Name stay
On the tip
Of your tongue
As if
Saying it
Whispering it
Brings you
And grounds
Your spirit
In love
Keeping you
To the true
Wisdom in
Your soul
And igniting
The fire
Of awakening in
The depth
Of your being
Does my
Name root you
In love, affection
And adoration
When you
Say it
Do you feel
Nourished and supported
As woman’s love
Should make
A man feel
When given
Freely and joyously
Even on his
Most challenging days
A woman’s love
Should break through
The walls
A man builds
Around his heart
When he
Deprives himself
True loving fulfilment
When a man
Is truly
Loved by woman
Her name
Becomes his mantra
He says it
As a prayer
When he needs peace
He whispers
It as a meditation
When he needs
Her energy
To be with him
He hears it
In his soul
No matter
Where he is
When you
Listen to your
Does your
Soul hear
My name
And does it
Bring you
Does my name
Bring you peace
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

Most powerful force one earth is the human soul quote

My Soul Needs Yours – Poetry

Lovers Art

My Soul Needs Yours – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It is your soul
I wish
To speak to
When I say
I love you
For your soul
Speaks the same
Language as mine
And understands
The history
Of lifetimes
We’ve shared
And the
Subtle nuances
Of the karmic connection
Your soul
Has to mine

While I suppose
We could live
Without each other
Our souls
Would be deprived
The beauty
Of our spiritual
Leaving our
Karmic mission

The first moment
I allowed myself
To linger
In the beautiful blue
Of your eyes
Almost five years ago
I knew
There was something
Special about us
And something
Meaningful growing
Between us
My soul recognized yours
As if it was looking
For a kindred spirit
My whole life
Only to find it
When I allowed myself
To linger
In the Blue
Of your eyes

Intuition whispered
To me that
You and I
Have a soul contract
I didn’t quite
Understand the terms
Or length of
Our beautiful contract
I only knew
We were meant
To do something
As we’ve grown
Through these years
Playing different roles
In each other’s lives
The role I value
The most in your life
Is the role of
Of your soul
I want to be
The source
Of your spiritual fire
The person who
Speaks truth
And wisdom
Into your ego
And grounds
Your soul
With Love
And adoration

It is the
Grounded every man
Quality I saw in you that
I was most
Attracted to
From the beginning
While your are
By people
Concerned about
Money and power
I want to be
The person
Who keeps
You rooted
In what’s real
Love is the only
Thing that is
Truly real
My love for you
I truly real

As life
Changes for us
It is you
I want to
Count on
To be in
My corner
It is you
I want to share
My experiences
With as I
Enter a new world
It is you
My soul
Wants to
Hold on to
While I stretch
Into a new role
I need you
To ground me too

With faith
Love and hope
I ask you
To enter
The new phase
Of our growth
As my Bluelove
As the continued
Inspiration to
My creativity
As the inspiration
To my poetry
As the keeper
Of my erotic words
And source
Of my sexual fire
You are a
Kindred spirit
To my soul
Our souls
Need each other

I believe
In my heart
And from the
Depths of my soul
Our soul contract
Is not over
It’s just
Beginning a
New exciting phase
I want to share
My new experiences with you
And count
On you as my advisor
Conspirator and friend
I want to
Look into those
Beautiful blue eyes
And see your soul
Looking back at me
As I stretch
Into a new version
Of myself
Unsure how
My life will change
The one thing
I most need
To remain
In my life
For the evolution
Of my soul
Is you
I want you
To remain
My bluelove

My Bluelove
It is
Your soul
I wish to speak to
When I say
I love you

I love you
Blue love
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

All my heart is yours sir Emily Bronte