Love, Sex & Poetry is the name of my poetry collection. Poetry posted on this site will be tagged a part of that collection. I am maintaining ownership of http://www.lovesexpoety.com and it is being redirected to “Writing Holistically”. Interesting, I was told that domain name could be sold for almost $1000. At this time, I am not interested in selling. I consider part of the Love, Sex & Poetry collection to be a “Bluelove” collection as I’ve been inspired to write those poems by a man who has beautiful blue eyes and I call him “Bluelove” 💙 I am looking into how to preserve this poetry collection beyond my lifetime. Websites need to be maintained and cost money. That is fine while I am alive to do that but what’s happens when I am not here? Are they all just lost in cyberspace? I am exploring publishing a coffee table book of poetry and art of the Bluelove collection to at least preserve those poems in another format. More to come on that project in the future.