Reaching For The Moon – Poetry

Reaching For The Moon
By: Linda Long

I was
I was
I was unhappy
And then
Then I got pissed off
I was pissed off
That my life
Was not
The way I wanted
It to be
I was frustrated
That I had
To change
I was unhappy
That I had
To let go
Of everything
I was convinced
Was meant for me
I tried to do
Damage control
A few months ago
I tried to stop
The emotional
Tidal wave
From taking over
I tried to stop
It from escalating
The harder
I tried
The more frustrated
I got
Until I couldn’t remember
What I was fighting for
As I became
More aware
Of my feelings
I could no longer
Ignore the truths
Truths in my life
The truth was
I changed
Things had to change
I was transforming
Into a better version
Of myself
I was
Seeing all the opportunities
For growth and expansion
I was becoming aware
Of every unfulfilled area of my life
I starting seeing
Things clearly
I was feeling
The emptiness
Of every void
In my life
I knew
I couldn’t ignore the
Truth anymore
My body
Started breaking
From the stress
Of trying to hold on
So tight
My body
Started clenching
Trying to hold back
Words and feelings
As I wrestled
With choices
I prayed
And prayed
Slept and went inward
Looking for answers
And all I heard
Follow the signs
I started following
The signs
As they led me
To one bridge after
Another in my life
At each one
I contemplate
If I should cross
I asked myself
Should I stay
On this side
It’s safe
I am unfulfilled
At least
I don’t have to
Change or let go
Should I cross over
I don’t know
What’s like
Over there
I don’t know anyone
I will miss
What I leave behind
My heart
Isn’t sure
It can start over
My soul
Doesn’t want to
Let go
I am comfortable here
It’s ok to stay
I deserve
To be happy
And fulfilled

I heard the voice
Whisper to me
I am capable
Of doing more

It Rang true
In my heart
It’s no longer
Comfortable for me here

I knew it was the truth
As the words
Flashed across
My mind
As I accept
That it is time for
Me to welcome
Change and transformation
Into my life
I pray
I am strong enough
To let go
Of what no longer
Is meant for me
And courageous
Enough to
Open up to
New possibilities
As I welcome
The new version
Of myself
Just over the horizon
I hear
I can
I will
I must
Make a difference

And so the decision
Was made
To cross the bridge
Being thankful
For every experience
And growth opportunity
I had along
The way
To the people
Who God brough
Into my life
As teachers, mentors and friends
I trust and have faith
Those who are meant
To be in my life
Will remain
What is meant to be
Will find a way to be
I pray
For protection
And the support
Of those who
Care about me
As I choose to
Try something new
Not sure
Of what’s
On the other side
But knowing
I can’t stay
On this side anymore
I can no longer
Play small
And accept less
Than I want and deserve
It’s time
For me to open up
And reach for
The moon and stars
Within my own soul
It’s time to welcome
Something better in my life
It’s time I welcome
A new version of myself
A healthier, happier
And more fulfilled
Version of myself
It’s time
For change
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately




If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed I removed several posts. This is because I thought the journal entries had too much information about my personal life in them. If someone Googles me and finds a blog of poety and essays, that’s ok. But I don’t want folks finding every detail of my life. While I am still keeping a journal with those thoughts in them, it’s set to private. I guess you can tell by this poem, it’s a time of change in my life. I’ve decided I can no longer play small. I deserve to be happy and fulfilled. I am nervous and excited to see what will happen but it’s now too uncomfortable for me to stay as is.

The Altar Of Your Sex – Love, Sex & Poetry 

The Altar Of Your Sex – Love, Sex & Poetry 

By: Linda A. Long 


At the altar
Of  sex
I confess my sins
Of impure thoughts
Of you deep
Inside my
Thoughts of you
Taking me
The way
A passionate woman
Needs to be taken
I confess
There’s something
About you
That kicks off
A chemical reaction
In the center of my legs
Something happens
To me when you
Are near by
It’s hard to ignore
I confess
I’ve been fantasizing
About your hands
Cupping my breasts
As your lips
Circle my nipples
I humbly confess
Images of you
In my mouth
Were in my thoughts
This morning
As I laid in bed
I confess
My mind wanders
When you are near
So, please forgive me
If I don’t always engage you
It’s just sometimes
I am embarrassed
By my desire
And the
Moist sensations
I feel
In our exchanges
When you are close
I confess
I am a passionate woman
Not afraid
To speak of my desires
Or write my inner most
Sensual longings
But, I
By the
Intensity of images
Of you possessing me that
Flash before my eyes
In a glance
I see you
Having me
Having me
To your satisfaction
I confess
You’ve touched
Me in my thoughts
As I’ve touched myself
In this confessional
I admit I am bad girl
But, the thoughts of us
Wrapped together
While you enter me are
So so sweet and delicious
Well, it unsettles me
To know
This craving is so deep
And continues to grow
Like tea brewing
Slowly in the sun
The attraction
To you
Continues to draw me in
I confess
I think about your
Hands, tongue and
Cock finally
Inside of me
I shyly admit
I fantasize of you
Satiating my most primal desire
As I lay myself open
To you widely
For your liking
For your taking
Kneeling at your feet
I ask for you
To give me penance
Grab my hair
In Your hand
Please I beg of you
Pull me into submission
Set me free
As I take you
Into my mouth
Enjoy the very
First moment
I tasted you
Forgive me
For leading you
Into temptation
Said Eve
To Adam
Your touch
To my hips
Will save
Our souls
Maybe your
Mouth against
My skin
Will release
The demon within
The center of my body
Must I say Hail Marys
To repent
Shall I beg
You for absolution
Shall I shout
Oh God
While you
Press into me
As my act of
I humbly confess
My sins
At the altar
Of your sex
And ask for your
Deepest most
Penetrating punishment
My gentle kind sir
I humbly
Confess my sinful
Thoughts to you
And ask for absolution
© 2013 Linda. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Treat Me Like A Woman

“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.” ― Anaïs Nin


I couldn’t say this any better myself. Treat me like a woman!


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Logan – Artist:  Eric Wallis