Self Care Sunday ~ Vaccinated

I’ve had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the @atlanticarenj MegaSite in Atlantic Ciry. I had no reaction to the first dose. I had my 2nd dose on Friday. I woke up Saturday with a small fever which never went above 99.5 but the exhaustion, body aches & fatigue were enough to keep me in bed or on the sofa all day Saturday. My fever broke after I took 1 500mg Tylenol in the middle of night Saturday night to help the body aches. It’s Sunday around 1:00pm and I am starting to feel better but still on the sofa all day. It’s interesting because I know many folks who got the 2nd dose without any side affects and I know folks who got worse than me. Regardless, it’s totally better than the alternative and totally worth it. #vaccinated #covid_19 #covidvacccine #pfizer #pfizervacine #buildtheherd

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Self Care Sunday ~ Safety First


Governor Murphy of New Jersey just passed an Executive Order making it law to wear face masks indoor and outdoors to help prevent the transmission rate of Corona Virus. The only exceptions are if you are socially distanced (over 6 feet away from other people), eating or drinking at an outdoor establishment and socially distanced, under 2 years old or have a medical condition which makes wearing a mask difficult.

Believe me, I am just as frustrate about wearing a mask all the time as anyone else – especially because it’s hot and humid now. I went an outdoor Farmers Market on Saturday morning. It was hot and humid;  the mask was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait to get into the car and take it off. I am an outdoors person and wearing a mask is frustrating but I wear it. I always have a mask with me when I distance walk. I pull it down when I am socially distanced and pull it back on over my nose when someone is coming close to me out of respect for their well being. I’ve adapted but I will be honest…

I’ve chosen to stay home more and to do things solo instead instead with a group now. Talking one to one or eating with someone one to one is ok for me.  I am just not interested in going out to eat or hanging out with groups of people anymore.  So much for summer parties – I am not going – nope!   I choose activities that I don’t have to wear the mask all the time or worry about where everyone has been in the last few weeks.

I found these graphics and I found them helpful.I’ve been using them as a guide. I’d like to say that just because restaurants and bars are offering outdoor options, doesn’t mean we should be going – especially in South Jersey resort towns where so many out of state visitors are vacationing. If you think they are self quarantining or taking all of the precautions, I can tell you they are not. They come from out of state, rent for a week and think they don’t need to wear a mask because the are on “vacation”. I will enjoy the local area in September after they have all gone home – that’s unless we are under another mandatory lockdown. Frankly, if there would have been a National lockdown in March/April for three weeks, it would not have gotten this bad… There are two viruses in the US, Corona Virus and Trumpism and the GOP let both of them spread unchecked.

COVID - Activities Risk

COVID and Sex Hormones

I am especially not interested in wearing a mask today because Tropical Storm Fay brought me a migraine on Friday morning.  I’ve been medicated for two days. I’ve managed to push through it. I worked Friday. Walked 12,000 both Friday and Saturday. I worked out and went food shopping on Saturday morning. Now on Saturday afternoon – I am ready to give in to the headache and exhaustion. I took the migraine meds and I will be staying home in the a/c staring mindlessly at the TV wearing a summer nighty to stay super cool 🙂 I don’t mind having a down day. I am off from work on Monday and will hopefully be able to enjoy the day while not being in pain 🙂

Migraine suffers understand  that sometimes you just can’t stop it from happening. Migraine suffers understand what I  mean that you learn to push through them but some days you just have to give in and rest.
summer migraine triggers

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Everything is always working out for my highest good

💙🦋 Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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Self Care Sunday – Isolationship 💙


There is finally a word for what I’ve been doing for the last few years… I was in an isolationship a long time before it was mandatory 💙✌️🤣

As a natural introvert, social distancing  is what I do on weekends when I need downtime. It’s not a hardship for me. Years ago I used to drink wine and beer as a social lubricator to socialize and be a bit extroverted. Drinking is no longer an option for me and I’ve settled into my introverted lifestyle.

My focus the last few years has been on healing myself on a deep emotional level, making peace with painful experiences from my past and focusing my energy on maintaining contact with people with whom I have genuine connections.  When people have genuine connections, physical distance is irrelevant.  In this time of social distancing, I am still maintaining some form of contact whether it be phone,  text or  spiritual contact with those I love. I also pray for their safety each day.


Since focusing on myself the last few years, I’ve experienced profound growth and healing. I’ve also learned coping skills. I have an anxiety disorder and I am also in some weird auto-immune flare up right now. I have muscle and joint pain which I was hoping would resolve with getting my Iron levels up but it hasn’t yet helped. Teleworking is blessing. I am still working full time but it also keeps me in my condo all day long. Getting up, getting dressed, putting on makeup and going to work not only takes my mind off some of the weird shit going on in my body, it also gives me a social outlet in a safe space. This requires me to be diligent in managing my thoughts and emotions. I’ve been strategizing ways for me adapt and refocus myself on other things while being stuck at home alone. As someone who has anxiety on a regular basis, this has been critical in helping me get through this pandemic while living alone and being about 60 miles from my family without using Xanax every day.

self care

My main home project during this time is my balcony. I am lucky to live in a beachfront condo with a balcony. It’s March so I am not out there much this time of year. You can see the chairs stacked in the corner which I find very uncomfortable. I am getting rid of them and may see if the local homeless shelter wants them for their gazebo area.

I never really thought about redoing my balcony area because I usually spend most of time at our community pool, on the beach or walking around town. I am not really sure what this summer will bring so I’ve decided to make this space cozy so I can hang out there, maybe work out there on nice days and enjoy the sound of the ocean and moonlight on the water at night💙 I really like the below patio set and I measured it. It looks comfortable and looks like it will fit on the balcony… I am still looking and haven’t committed to this but I like dark wicker but maybe nested ottomans would be better in the small space and I would prefer red cushions.  My biggest issues that one will deliver and put it together during COVID🤣 I am pretty handy and have tools 💁🏻‍♀️I just put together a task chair and a fan but do I really want to put together a whole patio set by myself?  UGH!  There is no rush to order just yet. I’ll wait a few weeks to see if what happens. I would rather pay someone to do it or have someone help me, than do it myself ✌️
patio set

I bought some plants to grow in pots on the balcony. You can see the herb starter plants below (1st photo below). I am going to repot them. I am also growing Kale micro greens from a kit that I bought on Amazon (2nd photo below). A local garden store, Lang’s,Garden, is actually open during the pandemic. I guess gardening supplies are essential🤣💚I order a Drawf Blueberry bush that can grow in a pot and is hardy during cold weather (3rd photo below). I love blueberries so I am going see if I can grow it on my balcony. I am also planting Kale and Spinach in pots too 💚🌱 You can see all of my supplies (4th photo below). In coming weeks, I will be planting and building a potted garden on my balcony. This also gives me something focus on and nurture during this time of uncertainty. herb starter plants
kale mircogreens
drawf blueberry bush
gardening supplies

How are you coping during this time of uncertainty? I hope you are well and finding something to believe in and love during this challenging time. I think we will all look back on 2020 and have a bit of post traumatic stress disorder 🤣✌️
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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

DISCLAIMER: Poetry, views, thoughts,and opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to the author and Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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