Absolute Beauty Of Life – Daily Prompt

The Absolute Beauty Of Life

I feel something rising up in me lately. It’s almost like I am breaking through something. Maybe an old paradigm is being broken. Perhaps an old way of thinking is no longer working for me. Maybe a heart once guarded is putting down the shield. The only thing I know for sure is whatever is happening to me is for my highest good. It is good. This I know to be true. I feel it. I sense it. It’s taking me to the very center of my soul. That is absolute beauty.

The other day I found myself bursting into tears as I as driving. As I took a moment to dry my eyes, I realized they were happy tears. I realized I was feeling something profoundly beautiful. I knew something was healed inside of me. I also knew what I was feeling scared the crap out of me. But, it was comforting like a long lost friend returned. It was that moment I knew whatever is rising up in me is good. It’s very good. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I find myself having these profound moments lately where I feel…I feel things intensely. Tears come to my eyes and I have to pause and feel whatever it is. At first, these moments were unsettling. They made me feel vulnerable and weak. In recent weeks I am learning these moments, these emotionally charged moments, are me with all barriers stripped away. In these moments of honesty, truth and vulnerability I see myself clearly. It’s good. It’s very good. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I know people who live life in an illusion. They live in mini-mansions and they are surrounded with superficial happiness. They have all the things they were told would make them happy. Yet, they still don’t know peace. They still feel empty. They still know something is missing. I lived the same way until a few years ago. Illness and a painful end of a relationship pushed me into change. It was in the separation from people, a lifestyle and way of thinking that I found freedom. Without letting go and trusting my intuition I would not be open to life the way I am now. When everything is stripped away there are no illusions. It’s a wonderful time to start everything fresh. It’s the perfect time to welcome truth into your life. Pain was a teacher for me. I chose to heed the wisdom and respect what I was feeling instinctually. That is absolutely beautiful.

Today the deeper I allow my soul to the dive into this sea of emotions and feelings the more I feel my potential blossoming like a flower. It’s opening me in new more beautiful ways with each passing day. I feel my heart opening again. My mind is welcoming new thoughts and ideas. My world is expanding with possibilities and I am embracing my natural capabilities. I am finally embracing my God-given “giftedness” instead of holding back or hiding it. Self-acceptance is absolute beauty.

With all of these wonderful changes also comes a greater ability to discern what and who is good for me. Although I am somewhat open on my blog, I am actually quiet, introverted and pensive in real life. I need people who respect that. Although I am intense, romantic and passionate, I don’t show that side to everyone. If you are lucky enough to experience my intense passionate side, keep it to yourself and cherish the gift I am giving you. I don’t share that with everyone. Even though I am emotional and driven to know myself on the deepest levels, it is not essential for some people in my everyday life to know this aspect of me. Mostly, I know now that I need people who aren’t overwhelmed or intimidated by my intensity. I also like people who aren’t afraid to go where their soul calls them even if it means giving something up today to have something better tomorrow. Knowing you deserve the best in life and not accepting less is absolute beauty.

Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” is one of my go-to songs when I am feeling the intensity of life. It’s funny because I do really feel like I’ve seen both side now. I know now that I would rather be where I am today and be the woman I am today than where I was three years ago.
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The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You’re taunting me
Teasing me
I’m trying to
Resist the flow
Of sexual energies
That is rising
I tell myself to
I force myself
To remain
Because I know
If I let go
I may let
All the way go
And act
On the impulses
My body has
When you
Hover around me
Taunting me
I swear you are
Taunting me
Teasing me
It’s our game
Of seduction
Sexual tensions
Bubbling just
Under the surface
I try to maintain
My sensibilities
But you taunt me
I love it
I love the way
You play with me
I would not care if I lost myself
It in a private moment
With you
I hold it back tightly
When others are near
I have to maintain
A little distance
But you play with me
You devilishly play with me
They can’t see
They can’t know
But I know you are
Playing with me
Teasing me
I feel it
Oh dear God
I’ve fallen for you
Loosening my grip
On the words
I feel the sensation
Roll over my body
I’m falling
I’m falling all the way
I don’t want to stop
I love the way you tease me
You haven’t said
It’s time yet
So I must
Pull myself back
And maintain some distance
As you circle around me
The words pop
Out in my thoughts
I whisper
I’m falling for you
Damn you
Taunting me
Dragging the thoughts
Of sex and desire
Right out of me
In the middle of a conversation
I swear you hear me
When I think sometimes
Synced up
Into each other’s minds
Do you see me falling into
Your beautiful eyes?
Do you feel me
Falling onto your chest
After sex?
Do you catch me
When I fall
All the way for you?
When I fall
All the way
Into your heart
You arouse me
Teasing me
Will you catch me
When I fall for you?
I’m falling
I’ve fallen
For you
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This Post was written for Today’s Daily Post Prompt. Page 29 of the cheap erotic book I looked at had the word “Taunting” on it. That caught my eye.


The poem is really just me trying to make sense of my thoughts from earlier today. It seemed like my “secret flirtation” and I had bad timing today. We just couldn’t sync up for any meaningful eye contact. But I did notice we were wearing matching outfits. So in that sense we were synced up😉

He was, however, near me talking a lot and I felt like it was almost taunting me or teasing me. I was trying very hard to resist because I find I just want to smile when he’s near me. 😊😊😊 Linda has no Poker face when it comes to Mr. Blue a Eyes but I try very hard to not give myself completely away. Long sigh…🙏💋😘😜👏✌️😉❤️

Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry


Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Crossing my legs
Licking my lips
I’m on fire
Waiting for you
To claim
The passion
That I hold
Within me for you
Pull me into a room
Lock the door
Touch me
Press your manhood
Against my waiting body
And let me feel
Your passion for me
Run your fingers
Along the bottom
Of my skirt
Tease me
Unmercifully tease me
Until I beg
For your fingers
Between my legs
Slowly slide your hand
Up my leg to feel
My desire for you
Just as the
Rush of your touch
Brings me to edge of climax
Push me down
I’ll slide all the way
Down your body
My pulse quickens
Quickly I pull your zipper down
I must feel you
I must feel your passion
For me
As I take it
In my hands
My arousal
Drips down my legs
Pressing my face
Against your warm hardness
I look up into
Your beautiful eyes
Ask you for permission
To take your manhood
Into my waiting my mouth
To wrap my lips
Around your warm skin
To Taste you finally
On my knees
In front of you
I look up timidly
Into your beautiful eyes and
Ask for permission
To take you
Into my mouth
May I
Take you
Into my mouth?
I’m asking you for
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Note: Today’s Erotic poem was actually a naughty little fantasy I was having all day long. As Mr. Blue Eyes moved past me, I heard his voice; it made me a little restless. I was wearing a Pencil Skirt with Stilettos heels today. Well, the fantasy went from there and started with “What if we just gave into it today? What would happen if we just gave into it today?”

The Daily Post’s Prompt today was about “Living Art” and what happens if your Art comes to life. I write Erotic Poetry, that is my Art. If my Art came to life today, this fantasy would come true. It would have made for a very interesting day and it would have made me extremely happy – really, really happy – in a multi-orgasmic kind of way. lol 🙂


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Fate, Destiny, Kismet – Love, Sex & Poetry (Daily Prompt – Que Sera Sera)


Fate, Destiny, Kismet – Love, Sex & Poetry (Daily Prompt – Que Sera Sera)
By: Linda A. Long

In and out
Of a fantasy
I am lost today
In my mind
Of a man and a woman
While my body
Feels his energy
Swirl in the air
Leaving me wet
Announcing desire
Passion smolders under
The surface
For a man
With the light eyes
And soft hands
Hidden from view
No one can see
But, he knows
He sees
When he looks
Into my eyes
He knows
He must feel it
Is rising
In my body
Like the tide
Trying to
To ground myself
Before it
Swallows me whole
Ground myself
In the stability
Of reality
Yet swim
Swim in our
Like energy
And entertain
Entertain my
Less than
Honorable intentions
For him
For us
Like a breeze
Blowing softly
Through the air
I send my
Intentions to him
Filled with
Lusty fantasies
A soft hand to hold
And a gentle kiss
Pulling him
Deep into the center
Of our connection
Over time
It feels good
Isn’t that how we
Are supposed to feel
I have no answers
For the future
An open mind
A loving heart
And a willing body
But for today
I am lost
In the deep
Forrest of my mind
Where reflective thoughts
Meet pensive desires
Writing in a parallel universe
Of spiritual connection
With passion rising
Through the kismet
Of our attraction
Linked through
My thoughts
To his
And suspended
Until his hand
His body
Joins in union
With mine
What is meant
To be
Always finds
A way to be
Rest easy
On those words
I tell myself
And promise him
What is meant
To be
Will always be
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Siren Song – Victor Nizovtsev 1965
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Break Me Free – Love, Sex & Poetry (Daily Prompt – Free)

Jack Vettriano - Tutt'Art@ (30)

Break Me Free – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Restless passions
Stir deeply
Like wine
Growing in intensity
With the passage of time
Deep rich flavors
Of desire
Heighten the senses
As these days have passed
Between us into weeks
And the weeks blended into months
Yet our
Desire deepens instead of fades
Cautious at first
Of this new spark
Uncertain of the path
It would take
Not knowing if
The pulse would slow
With the passage of time
Instead it sharpened
And has come into
Clearer view
Seeing it
Become more
Resisting it less
This passion
Presses against my chest
I feel it call
From deep within
It tries
To break free
Needing to wrap my arms
Around your neck
And pull your lips to mine
Comes in the release
Of this desire
That I have imprisoned
It calls to you
Break me free
Break me free
Into your arms
Onto your lips
Break me free
Resistance is futile
I am drawn
Into your eyes
Break me free
This passion that breathes
Your name
Calls to you
Take hold of me
And break me free
Break this passion free
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Caught In A Landslide – Daily Prompt

Thomas_Dodd_-_Tutt'Art@_(10)The Daily Prompt’s assignment was to take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title and write for 15 minutes – speed writing.

The last song I heard was “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. The third line of the song is Caught in a landslide.

Caught in a landslide…

Caught in a landslide of emotions she slips slowly into the murky waters of internal chaos. Paddling upward trying to get to the top and fill her lungs with air. But, each stroke only wears her out and pulls her further down into the place where the shadows live. The shadows of past heartaches live in this place. For years she danced around it, tip toed around the edges hoping not slip. But, today her foot slipped and got caught in a memory of loss and death.

Recognizing she was stuck and it was pointless to waste energy by fighting, she surrendered. She allowed herself to see what she chose to ignore for years. She allowed herself to feel what she chose to suppress. She allowed herself to grieve for the losses that tied her to this pain. Tears flowing like a raging river. Bottled up emotions boiling to the top and pouring down her face. She licked the salt to taste her pain.

She saw her pain up close for the first time. She sat with it. She lived with it. She slept with it. She owned her pain for the first time and felt sadness on the deepest level of her being. There seemed no way to pull herself up and out of this abyss. Slowly she dug through all the debris that was weighing her down. With each piece she removed she felt freer and noticed she could breathe a little easier. She stood on each stone that broke her heart and used them as tools to line her path to emotional freedom.

The tears of sadness stopped and one day she realized her heart was no longer broken but renewed and healed. Surviving the landslide of emotions she reflected and acknowledged that it was only by surrendering into the depth of despair was she able to heal and be free.

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