Lessons in Baking

I decided to try baking Gluten Free Vegan Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies from scratch today. I learned Coconut Flour doesn’t spread so the first batch are shaped like nuggets but taste good. But I think they may be a bit crumpley and dry.


So, I remixed the dough with more Coconut Milk, Xanthum Gum and I shaped the cookies into perfectly shaped cookies. The perfectionist in me couldn’t stop myself.


The final cookies are a mixture of round and nugget shaped. I still think they are a bit dry and not sure I like baking with Coconut Flour. But, a least they have a lot of chips in them so you get a big pop of chocolate with every bit.

Get Screened For Celiac Disease


It’s really unbelievable how many of these symptoms and/or disorders I’ve had in my lifetime.

Let me be clear. It was me who researched and self diagnosised myself with Celiac Disease because the Doctors were just prescribing pills instead of finding out what was wrong with me. Three Doctors including a GI specialist at Temple told me I didn’t have Celiac because my first screening test was negative.

As months passed and my health continued to deteriorate I strongly suspected they were all wrong. And, I found out the first screening test is often a false negative. In June 2012 I gathered up my research and took myself to a local GI specialist who specializes in diagnosising and treating Celiac Disease. I did it as one last shot. He agreed with me so he redid the tests and also did a genetic profile for Celiac Disease. Guess what? The tests were positive and I had just about every symptom on this photo. He was stunned I was not diagnosised properly sooner.

I’ve been Gluten Free for six months and feel a lot better. But I still have a long way to go. While many things will reverse with being Gluten Free some of the damage is permanent.

Thank God I was my own advocate and kept pushing for a diagnosis. Please read the symptoms. If you suspect you have Celiac Disease, ask your Doctor to run a Comprehensive Celiac Panel and a Genetic Celiac profile. Small Bowel biopsy is the Gold Standard for diagnosis but my Doctor wouldn’t do that biopsy or the Liver Biopsy because I was so sick.

Bottom line is I am healing and I’ve finally found a doctor that understands the Disease. I will be celebrating the new year this week by having a colonscopy because my stomach is still causing me some issues but I am much better than I was a year ago. I am posting this to raise awareness. Celiac Disease is not understood by many doctors. Keep trying until you find one that gets it.

Photo credit: University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center