The Tug – Love, Sex and Poetry

imageThe Tug – Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Pull it out of me
You pull it out of me
Reluctantly, I succumb
To the tug at my heart
You lassoed around my heart like
The sun orbits the moon
The tug at my heart pulls
Me further into its center
Gravitating to what I resisted most
As if a meteor on a collision course with the earth
Seeing the crash yet finding no brakes
I pump my foot in vain to stop
Admittedly, only to say I tried
Tried to stop the free fall
The one for which my heart had no choice nor defense
Nothing to keep the moth from the burning flame
With heat luring me to its intensity
I tried to stop the tug that so sweetly
Sounded the drum of a heartbeat faintly once lost
Almost without recognition
Driving the beat down to my soul
Tugging it with bittersweet desire
To follow it
With faith only we can see
To have it
With passion only we can know
To succumb to it
With love awakened unexpectedly
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Life is best when lived passionately

Note: If I was a DJ today, I would send this song out to Mr. Blue Eyes❤️ #believe

Thanks and Giving – Love, Sex & Poetry


Thanks and Giving – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

For him
At the door
Wraps her
Arms around him
Starts undressing
Just as he enters
The room
Every part of her
Wants him
Every part of her
Desires him
No longer
Holding back
She places herself
In his hands
And bows down
In front of him
As she looks
Up at him
She takes him
In her mouth
He tastes just
As she imagined
Soft, sweet, delicious
She gives him
Proper thanks
Proper thanks
For the inspiration
He’s given her
Proper thanks
Inspiring her
To create
On her knees
She thanks
Him properly
Gives her body
To him
In complete
In complete
To the
That lives
In her soul
Now breathes
Through her words
She says
A lustful
Thank you
With deep
For the inspiration
She gives herself
To him
Thanks him
For giving her
Thanks and giving
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE:  Celebrating Thankgiving with a Thanksgiving Sex Poem.  I was thinking about how I would like to thanks someone 😉

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