Shakti Rises ~ Blue Love Poetry

Shakti Rises ~ Blue Love Poetry
It’s rising
Pushing away
All that
No longer serves
The evolution
Of her soul
Pulling into
Her awareness
The new paradigm
Of a spirit
That has been awakened
To her true power
By love
And self acceptance
She opens
Her heart
For the first time
To her true
Authentic power
She rises
And for
The first time
Honors the
Divine feminine
Energy within her soul
Shakti rises
She is
For the first time
To herself
Shakti rises
The divinely feminine
Woman within her
Radiating true
Love and compassion
From the center
Of her womanhood
Stirring her sensuality
With the heat
Of spiritual creation
She calls
To her warrior
Her blue eyed warrior
The keeper of her heart
The Masculine balance
To her feminine
She calls
She calls to him to
Awaken lover
Rise spiritually
Side by side with her
Stand tall
In her atmosphere
Of love & creation
Soak in her essence
And Breath in
Her Loving femininity
Skakti rises
In love
And holding a space
For his heart
In the
Warmth of her thighs
The heat of co-creation
Between them rises
She whispers
To her lover
In coded messages
For only
Him to see
She calls to him
Rise in love
You are
And desired
Rise in
Her atmosphere
Your worries
Into the energy
Of the
Divine Feminine
And be loved
Loved by
The Divine Feminine
Shakti rises
(C) 2017 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

NOTE: Skatki is definitely rising and I am sending this sexually charged energy to my Blue Eyed Warrior 💙💫

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

DISCLAIMER: Poetry, views, thoughts,and opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to the author and Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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Self Care Sunday ~ Love and Good Deeds

love and good deeds

I heard the above Bible Verse the other day.  While it’s intended to encourage us to love others and spur us to do good deeds for others, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on how we can apply “love and good deeds” to self care.

I believe holistic wellness is a balance between giving to others and tending to our own needs. To give to others without limits is dangerous and can even be self destructive. It took me a long time to learn this lesson and learn to set healthy boundaries.  My self care message today is simple. While it’s important to love others and do good in the world, it’s equally important to take care of yourself and look after your own needs too.

I encourage you to take a moment and LOVE yourself today. Do something good for you today. Do something that makes you happy. Do something you enjoy. Take care of yourself today. What good deed can you do for yourself today? Perhaps it’s something as simple as resting today or going for a walk in nature. Maybe it’s as complicated as speaking your truth and finally facing the truth about a situation in your life.  It’s healthy to live in truth and authenticity. How can you extend good deeds toward your self care during this hectic time of year to ensure you are well enough to give to others in the future?

As for myself, I came home from my Thanksgiving trip to Philly with a head cold🤒 I am tired and congested. I have a small fever and a headache🤧I need to rest, and stay warm today. Since I woke up and found no food in the house, I had groceries delivered by the local ACME. That was self care today.  I placed my order near 9:00am and by 11:15am, I had three bean sweet potato chili made with grass fed beef in the crock pot 😀I added sweet potato and a tablespoon of organic Cacao Powder to bump up the vitamins and minerals in it. It’s weird I am craving chili instead of soup while sick. I will be staying in warm while under a blanket with slippers, a cup of tea and my remote in hand binge watching something on Netflix or Amazon until I feel better. Now, if I could just figure out how to get a large Dunkin Donuts Coffee with Gingerbread S’mores and cream delivered, I would be all set 🤣

Thankfully I am taking virtual classes for my Grant Management certificate from home Monday and Tuesday this coming week and  again Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of next week too. I can’t stay warm and not worry about getting dressed for work for a couple of extra days  each week while still “working”.

A brief update on work:
The truth is this job scares me a bit…🤣 It’s complicated. It’s high profile. It’s challenging. It’s demanding that I perform a different level than ever before.  Honestly, I get overwhelmed when I think about it too much.  I try to disconnect from it when I start to get overwhelmed. Seriously, I am starting two new grants program from zero…zero… I was told recently there may be a third program added later this year… I get a little freaked out about how big this job is sometimes… Folks say “take things one day at time”. While that is somewhat true, I need to look a year down the road so I can mitigate risks early. So it’s a balance between working on tactical tasks today while stepping back to strategize for the future.

Some of my stress in this job is that it is more responsibility and accountability than I’ve ever had in my entire career. It scares me a bit. Leadership offered me a professional executive coach. However, I declined for right now because the guys is on staff to my director. How do I know he won’t snitch? 🤣 I would not feel comfortable being completely honest with him so what’s the point of meeting with him??? I feel like I do need someone to coach me through this transition to this new level, I just haven’t found the right person to help me so I am working through this on my own. I am not sure Blue Love would have the time since he transitioned to a new job recently too. For now, I am “coaching” myself. I am grateful for the growth opportunity.

How are you loving yourself? What good deeds have you done for yourself recently?  Can you use gratitude to attractive your deepest desire?

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

DISCLAIMER: Poetry, views, thoughts,and opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to the author and Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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Reunion ~ Blue Love Poetry

Lovers Painting by Dabin Lee

Lovers Painting by Dabin Lee

Reunion ~ Blue Love Poetry
I close my eyes
And reunite with
Your beautiful soul
I am here
To remind you
Our connection
Is pure
Our connection
Is love
You are loved

Tune into
The rhythm of my heart
And find reassurance
I haven’t left you
I am here
I am in your your heartbeat
I’m not leaving you
I am here
In your long exhale
I am here
I’m still yours
Reunite with me
With your thoughts

From this place
Of love
I strengthen you
I comfort you
And I hold you
In my loving arms
Thankful for our reunion

Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
The first time
You made me wet
With arousal
Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
When we sat
Across from each other
Eye to eye
Our flame
Burns as bright today
As it did
The last time
I looked into
Your beautiful eyes
And told you
I couldn’t say good-bye
Remember how
You reassured me
You reminded me
I would see you
And now
I am reassuring
You today
We will reunite
You will talk with me
You will see me
You will hold me
You will kiss me
You will fuck me
My dear Blue Love
Will be with me again
Take a moment
To reunite with me
In your heart
Connect your heart
To mine
And let’s create
Our reunion
Create a new beginning
With me
As friends and lovers
Close your eyes
My dear Blue Love
And reunite with me
Tonight in our dreams
I am waiting
For you
Come home
To me
Come home
To love

(C) 2019 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Self Care Sunday – I am Proud Of My Mexican Roots

Frida Kahlo Art

Roots by Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo. I love Frida’s work.

I am a descendant of an Mexican Immigrant. This post is Immigration story, my heritage. I am proud of it and I don’t really give a crap if I lose readers who have aligned themselves with hate by posting this story.

Margaurita Villa Reale was my great grandmother. She was Native American Mexican with her roots starting as Castillian Spanish from Iberia in the 1800s. John Long, my great grandfather, was Irish and a career Army Texas Ranger. John grew up Louisiana but was stationed in San Antonio, Texas on the boarder of Mexico. Marguarita and John married. When they married, they changed Marguarita’s name so she sounded American instead of Mexican. She is known as Maggie on all the Census records. My grandfather, their first child, was born in San Antonio. My grandfather’s name was Napolean, known as Nap by friends. John was later transferred to an Army base in Georgia; he and Margaurita had six more children after my grandfather.

Navy photos

My grandfather, in the middle, with his Navy buddies.

Nap ran away and tried to join the Army when he was 13 years old. His mother had to go pick him up. Nap later ran away again when he was 16 years old and joined the Navy. They kept him. Nap traveled the world on ships. I have posts and photos from his journey preserved in a photo album. Nap was stationed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in the 1920s where he met my Grandmother, Anna, at the USO. They married and Anna moved with him to Norfolk, VA where my Father was born.

post card from Navy in 1920

Nap retired from the Navy with 30 years of service. He and Anna moved back to Philadelphia with their five children to be near Anna’s family. Nap’s second career was as a prison guard at Eastern State Penitentiary in the Fairmount Section of Philadelphia. Eastern State has been closed for years. It’s a museum and historic site now. Most famous for housing Al Capone. Since my family is considered Alumni at ESP, we were given a private tour a few years ago. It totally creeped all of us out. It’s tourist destination and during Halloween they do a hell of a haunted house in the prison. If you never been there, check it out if you are in Philly.

Nap passed away suddenly in his early 50s with a massive heart attack. My father died suddenly with a massive heart attack 20 years later when he was 41 years old. The first photo is an older Nap and the second photo is my dad when he was in early 20s.



Margaurita and Nap had seven children. I do not know anyone from the extended family. However, my grandfather, their eldest child, had five children with 17 grandchildren and one son who died in the battle for Normandy Beach in France during WWII. My Aunt told me my grandfather wasn’t the same man after his son died in battle.


I am the youngest of five children and the only one with dark features. My Aunt always told me I favored Margaurita. I am proud of that. Look at this photo, while not the best quality, I am sure you can see a little hispanic/latina in me. I am proud of my heritage ✊


Yes, the current climate in the United States towards hispanic and latinos hurts my heart because of my heritage – distant but still in my roots. In the United States, we are all immigrants. We all have roots in other nations. Why are Western European White immigrants better than those from brown countries. It’s breaks my heart. While I don’t believe in open borders and do not Condon illegal immigration, I also do not support the hate speech rhetoric and policies of the GOP.

On another self care topic, I heard friends (Barbara & Ray) who moved to Florida were going to be at the Laguna Beach Bar in Brigantine this afternoon. My tummy hasn’t been feeling great lately but it does seem to be settling down so I went over to Laguna and surprised them 😄It was fun. I sat outside with them for a few hours and listened to music and drinking a Ginger Ale.  Here why it was so special.  Barbara and were extremely close friends.  We were Thelma and Louise for long time. Believe me, we got into A LOT of mischief together – usually with alcohol 🤣 We had falling out a few years back. Our lives were just going different directions. Barb and her husband moved to Florida two years ago.  Barbara and I never got a chance to reconnect before they left.  I work with a mutual friend who told me earlier this week they were home and would be at Laguna this afternoon if I wanted to see her.  I decided it was time to put the past behind us.  I drove over around 2pm and surprised them.  Well, it was a wonderful reunion. Barb and I could not stop hugging each other. We decided to just move on and not even talk about what happened in the past. We decided to leave the past in the past and just start a new phase of our relationship.  I cried at least once.  She was hugging me so tight while telling everyone “My Linda Love Me Long Time” is back in my life 🤣💙 It was a great afternoon 🥰 By the way, I haven’t been in Brigantine in a long time. I like it over them.  I could see myself living in a little house over there with a rescued pitbull 😉

Please help me shift the energy in our Nation from hate to love but joining me in the Loving Kindness prayer for all beings to end this hate speech and violence that has taken over the nation. If you feel you need to stop reading this blog because you disagree with me, go in peace ✌️I understand.

Metta Prayer
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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

NOTE ICYMI – My last post was a Blue Love Letter. Scroll down to read it 💙

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Blue Love Letter


Dear Beloved:
I never wanted to love you. I never planned to love you. Love wasn’t what I had on my mind. I wanted fuck you. It was a sexual attraction. It was a physical attraction but something happened along the way. I fell down into the rabbit hole of your beautiful blue eyes. I have been stuck here ever since. Much like Alice when she fell into Wonderland, I find myself seeing thing differently. Feeling things I never wanted to feel for a man again. Unlike Alice, I’ve cursed my way through this by routinely asking myself “What the fuck? How? When? Why?” Those questions are rhetorical, of course.

We drift through this beautiful life; moving through one phase to another. We come together. We move apart. Now we are in a separation phase of our journey. We are separate but still connected. We are separate but both growing, learning about ourselves, healing, reenergizing and reconnecting to our authentic selves. I have faith our separation is for a greater purpose. It will ultimately be for our highest good.

As I call you to mind and feel my heart swell with love and affection for you, I want you to know I love you. Nothing has changed for me in our separation. I still love you. I still desire you. I am still stuck in the wonderland of your blue eyes. I am, however, aware this is a time of great change for you. It’s your time to rest. It’s your time to reconnect with family and friends. It’s your time to listen to what is in your heart. Follow where your intuition leads you. See what you need to see. Feel what you need to feel. This is your time to choose the life you want after so many years of living up to expectations. This is your time to finally find what is authentic and true for you.

Take comfort. I am still here holding love in my heart for you but I also know you need this time, you need this space from us for a while. So, if you don’t hear from me, please know I am not remaining distant because I don’t love you. It’s actually quiet the opposite. I am remaining distant to give you the room to choose the life you want without any outside noise or influence from me. I have no expectations of you.

You see my beloved, I grew up. I learned what real grown up unconditional love really is. I learned love is not attachment. Love is not needy. Love is not conditional. Love has no expectations. Love, truly loving you, means I want you to be happy, with or without me. I am here if/when you are ready connect. I am hoping to hear from you and see your beautiful eyes again. I welcome a reunion with you.  But I finally love myself enough that I will be thankful for the role you played in my life even if our separation remains permanent. I will love you for the impact and influence you have had on my life. I will love you for reigniting passion in body. My love for you is big enough, deep enough and wide enough to give you space to find your life even if it ends up not being with me.

Beloved, please know you are love and missed.  We are separate but still connected in our hearts.
(C) 2019 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

NOTE This love letter for Blue Love was pushing at the edges of my heart all damn day. I couldn’t wait to get home and write it out of me💙💙

This is the third day of my new job. Wow! It’s gonna be a whirlwind. It involves interacting with congressional liaisons, working with the highest levels of management and, I found out today may even include establishing a not for profit company. Holy crap! My dream came true ✨ It scares the crap out of me 🤣I’ve been pretty stressed out all week. I am not good with change. My belly is freaking out; my nerves are raw. I will be glad to get my first week over✌️

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 6.58.18 PM

What Is Love?

Truth ~ Blue Love Poetry
Tell me your truth
Show me
Who you really are
Take off
The mask with me
You are safe
You are free
You are free
To be
Your authentic
Beautiful self
When you are
With me
(C) 2019 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved


I’ve been thinking a lot about what is love. What does it mean to love someone; really love someone. People often think about romance when it comes to love. They think doing for others is the expression of love. In other words, love is active. Meaning you have to do something to express it and show it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about demonstrating love in a passive sense – by not doing. In other words, perhaps the greatest proof you love someone is being strong enough to give them room and space to find their life. Perhaps when you really love someone, you can step back and let them find their happiness knowing you may not be part of it. Perhaps the greatest act of love is simply encouraging someone to find their truth and follow their truth wherever it takes them.

For me, love is truth. Living in truth is an expression of self love.  Are you loving yourself today?


Self Care Sunday – Love

dark night

It’s around 11:00am on Saturday morning. It’s about 90 degrees on the breach in Atlantic City, NJ with a heat index already 100. I walked to the coffee shop this morning. It’s three miles round trip. At first, it wasn’t so bad walking in the shade but walking back in the sun was harder than I thought it would be. I also noticed my heart rate was higher than normal when I walk. I have an arrhythmia that has been stable; I don’t need to take any chances with that getting push out of rhythm by heat issues.  I am staying inside the rest of day and not sure about tomorrow. That is good self care.

While I was walking, I was thinking about how do you support someone who is going through a major life transition? The below words came to me as almost a stream of consciousness. I wrote a lot of them while sitting at the coffee shop sipping my iced coffee.

So you make it to your 50s in pretty good shape. You still look pretty good. You are healthy and have a few dollars in the bank. You have everything you ever wanted yet you are still unhappy and unfulfilled. What the fuck! Right? I know the feeling…It happened to me a few years ago.

We’ve all heard of the stereotypical mid-life crisis when you buy sports cars and bang 30 year olds. That’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about more of a spiritual awakening where your awareness is opened. It’s more about growth and finding fulfillment on deeper level than filling a void.

As for myself, I lived in denial and resistance for while. I held on. I held on until I was almost consumed with sadness and depression. The below photo is an actual depiction of me trying to hold onto to what was no longer serving my highest good 🤣 The day eventually came that holding on was harder than finding the courage within myself to let go.

Once I let go, I needed time to rest. I wore myself out trying to hold and be what everyone else wanted or needed me to be. I needed rest before I did anything else. At that time I had more questions about my life and my future than I had answers. What I eventually realized was that time of my life was about finding the answers. It was about diving deep within myself to learn who I was and what I wanted for my future. I learned that time was about revisiting painful events from my past to make peace with them and mostly it was a time of self acceptance for me. I no longer was the same person I had been. I changed. I finally accepted it and embraced the journey to finding the new me.


Since I’ve been through this experience, I can recognize it when I see someone else going through it. My advice is to enjoy the ride. Pull the threads in your life. Eventually you will figure out what you want and need in your life. This is your time to choose your life… While the giver in me wants to help in some way as an expression of support, I know it’s an inside job for the person who is going through it.  I know the best thing I can do for anyone I care about going through this is just give them space and time to find their answers. They already know I love and care about them. I will send love. I will hold space in my heart for them. I will hope to hear from them soon. I will go about living my best life knowing what is meant for me will be mine when the time is right.


If you resonant with this post and find yourself having a dark night of the soul, I would encourage you to pull on the threads of your unhappiness. Find your answers. Enjoy your time of self discovery.


Warning, I am about to get political. What is happening in America now is a battle between two extreme political positions – extreme right which seems to have chosen racism and hate speech vs. the extreme left (progressives). But the reality is the folks in the middle like me, a pragmatic Democrat, will decide the election in 2020. I chose LOVE. I choose love over hate. There is no room in my life anymore for anyone who chooses hate or uses hate speech.  I don’t mind friends being in a different political party but I have no tolerance for hate and racism – NONE, ZERO!

#MALA – Make America Love Again!

make America love again
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Everything is always working out for my highest good💙🦋

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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

Flash Back Friday – My First Blue Love Poem

Spark Of A New Desire ~ Blue Love Poetry
Two minds
One fantasy
In lust
As if
The waters
Of chemistry
If we
Should we
Act out our
Should we
The door
To mutual
And invite
To bring
Our bodies
Should we
Allow our
Eyes to meet
And linger
In this moment of
Conflicted self awareness
Logic speaks
To obstacles
Energy passing
Between us
Begs to entwine
Our arms
Our lips
Our bodies
Connect our minds
Take this ride
Of romance
Without knowing
If it is prudent
Because it
Lacks convenience
Lives in
My mind
And stirs
My body
By your mere
Glance at my breasts
You set me on fire
With just your eyes
The spark
Of new desire
Ignites me
Juices Flow and
Brings life
To my creativity
You are invited to
Create with me
(C)2013 Highest Good Holistic Heath Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good 🦋💙

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NOTE As promised, I will be sharing poetry from my Blue Love Poetry Collection throughout the whole month of June as special gift for someone I care about. Instead of writing all new poetry this month, I will share poetry I wrote in over years. I will also sprinkle in some new stuff as we go along.

In honor of Flash Back Friday, today’s poem is the very first poem I wrote for Blue Love. It was written on March 19, 2013. Blue Love and I knew each other. However, one day something changed. We started looking at each other differently. This poem was an acknowledgement of the unexpected spark of desire that he ignited within me. It was a way for me to express what I felt when he looked at me. It was a way for me to say he aroused me.

As we approach an ending of sorts, I find my peace in knowing I love him unconditionally. I find peace in our “connection”. I have no idea what the future holds for us. Perhaps this is an actual ending or maybe it’s a beginning of sorts. Who knows… All I know is I want to do right by both of us. I want to protect and honor him as well as take care of myself. The best way for me to honor myself as well as take care of him was for me to be vulnerable and show him my authentic truth directly. Honestly, it was quite liberating to just to let it out.

My next post will be on Self Care Sunday. Those posts are always scheduled to release at 11:00pm on Saturday nights. Then I will post a couple poems during the week.

I offer the Loving Kindness Prayer for Blue Love…

The Loving Kindness Prayer

May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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Misty Eyed ~ Blue Love Poetry

Soul mate quote

Misty-Eyed ~ Blue Love Poetry

It was today
As I was going
About my day
I felt
The swell of emotions
That I have
For you
I got misty
Thinking of you
My heart swelled
As I quietly said
Your name
And remembered
Nervously standing
Before you
Looking into
Your beautiful eyes
Knowing you could see me
You could see
How I felt
For you
You could see
My desire, affection and lust
For you

My feelings
For you
Have matured with time
They’ve deepened
In our separation
And have become
More authentic
As I’ve healed
Emotionally from past traumas,
I’ve grown up,
It’s in this new space
Within my heart and soul
I feel the most alive
Alive with love

I am not really sure
Where the road
Takes us next
I don’t know
If this is where
Our paths separate forever
God, I hope
You stay in my life
I love you
I know that my love
For you is
Deep enough
To lovingly hold you
In my arms
Without any words
Yet it is mature enough
To set you free
If this is your time
To find yourself
In a new world
I now love myself
Enough to let you go
With grace
But please
Let me hold you
To feel your
Energy touch mine

I got a little
Thinking of you today
And I am not afraid
For you to know
Because I am grounded
In my vulnerability
It’s out of my
Self love
That I can
Show you
Unconditional love
I am ready to go
On this ride
With you where ever
It takes me
Even if
It takes us down
Different paths and
You choose to
Let go of us forever
I love you enough
To be a good friend
To you as well as
Take care of myself
I am proud of myself
For opening
My heart to loving you
Unconditionally loving you

Please know, my friend,
The path we’ve shared
In recent years
Contributed to me
Becoming the woman
I am today
Loving you
Helped me learn
How to love myself
Opening my heart
To you
Showed me how
To open to my truth
I became misty eyed today
I knew I truly
Loved you unconditionally
I knew I’ve grown
It was today
I quietly said
A prayer
I thanked God
For showing me
How to love
Through you
It was today
I thanked God
For you and
It made me
Misty Eyed
(C) 2019 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

NOTE: I have a feeling this is just the beginning of Blue Love poems this month. I will make an effort to write some raunchy sex poems too to keep thing spicy 🔥♥️ #nogoodbyes

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

DISCLAIMER: Poetry, views, thoughts,and opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to the author and Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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Self Care Sunday – Reflection On Growth

Holistic Wellness quotesI enjoy writing these Self Care Sunday posts about Holistic wellness. I like exploring the balance of body, mind & spirit including personal and spiritual growth. I also enjoy writing these post because I’ve been through some shit in my life. If what I’ve learned and experienced is beneficial to others, than my suffering was for a higher purpose. I hope you, the reader, can reflect on how I manage my holistic wellness and look for ways to find that balance in your own life. My intention is to offer points of reflection for you. To be clear, I do not intend my posts to be “advice”. The ultimate goal of every Self Care Sunday post I write is to encourage you to find your own truth. My truth is not your truth. I hope to inspire you to fearlessly dive into your own soul and find your authentic truth and power. I hope to encourage you to trust their own intuition. No one knows you better than you know yourself. I don’t have your answers. All the answers you need are within you. I am just here writing these posts to help shine the light towards the path of self discovery for you. Take what resonants with you from my posts; leave what doesn’t.

Intuition quote

I’ve had a few experiences this week that gave me an opportunity to pause to be proud of myself and my growth in recent years. First, I had a check-up with my Cardiologist. I have a congenital arrhythmia that is monitored because every once in while it goes haywire. The last time I was completely out of rhythm was 2010. I ended up at the hospital soaking wet with sweat and a heart rate circling from 150bpm down to under 40bpm all day long. I also found out then I had a Fatty Liver. I walked out of the hospital with two heart medicines, a 21 day heart monitor and an appointment with a Liver Specialist. Well, the Liver Specialist really kept things real – brutal almost 😂 He told me that unless I made some hard choices, that I would not live to be 50 years old. It took me another year to surrender but I eventually let go and made a choice to change my life.

On Monday, my Cardiologist told me I’ve officially kept off 45 pounds for 7 years. I don’t smoke or drink. My blood work is perfect. My liver is completely healed. (I can tolerate a glass of red wine once in while 😉). My Cardiac Risk Assessment went from HIGHLY likely to have a heart attack or stroke to almost NO RISK. It is now under 2%. My Cardiologist told me he can’t even see my arrhythmia on my EKG anymore. Let that sink in… the arrhythmia I was born with is no longer visible on my EKG ✨♥️ It’s completely gone. My heart rhythm is completely normal. He congratulated me on being a rare patient whose risk has gone down instead of up as I aged into my 50s. It’s all because I took control of my habits, my life and my health. I am very proud of myself 😊💙 ✨If you want to do your own Cardiac Risk Assessment, follow the link to American College of Cardiologist Risk Assessment Site.

ACC Cardiac Risk Tool!/calculate/estimate/

The second reason I am proud of myself is that I found out last week I made the selection “lists” for both of the promotions I applied for earlier in the month. I already had one unofficial conversation; it looks pretty promising that I could be staying in my current organization with a promotion. I have an interesting spiritual take on this. If I get the promotion in my current organization, I will be working for the same manager I felt held me back from promotions a few years ago. Spiritually it’s like going back to that group and working for her again will close that Karmic loop. It will make things right spiritually between us – a growth cycle will be completed for both of us. That feels like the right choice for me. I am also really happy and proud of myself that I chose the do the 14 month temporary assignment I did last year. People doubted my intentions for doing it. People kept asking if I was sure and wondering if I was making the right choice leaving the organization for that long. I always knew in my heart it was the right choice for me AT THAT TIME. I am proud of myself for listening to my own wisdom and trusting my own intuition. That experience was very beneficial to my personal and professional growth.

As I’ve grow personally and spiritually, I’ve become more open to seeing things differently. Having this new awareness and clarity in life is both wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Seeing truth that is in direct contradiction to what I’ve been trying to tell myself for years is stressful but is also the most transformative experience I’ve ever had. Often the truth of what we’ve accepted and settled in our lives hurts but it is also sitting with that pain and living in that truth that gives us the ability to break paradigms in our life. It gives us the ability to become limitless in our ability to grow into better versions of ourself. When our awareness is opened and we start living in truth, our whole life changes; it has to change because the foundation of who we are internally shifted.

I’ve learned the longer we “hang in there” and resist the signs of change in our lives, the more stressful transitions will be. We may even miss opportunities the Universe has been laying before us because we are resisting instead of surrendering to change. I’ve learned it’s good to reflect on the past to glean wisdom and learn lessons but it’s not good to dwell too long on mistakes or missed opportunities. Ultimately, every experience we have contributes to making us into who we are today. Instead of being filled with regret from the past, focus that energy on creating something new today. You are always exactly where you are meant to be.

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I have had to let go of a lot in my life. I’ve said a lot of goodbyes to people I’ve loved. It has been on my mind a lot this week because Blue Love is transitioning to a new chapter of his life in the next month. I am extremely happy and excited for him. In my mind, I am hoping it’s not “good-bye” for us, I hope it’s “see you down road!” This is how I know I’ve grown in the last two years… Instead of holding on too tight to him out of attachment, I want him to be free out of love. I hope he takes time to rest, enjoy life and find his own truth. I want this for him because I truly love him. I love him unconditionally. I want him to be the fullest expression of God’s perfect love that he was intended to be.

Blue Love Haiku #1

My wish for Blue Love is that he is safe, happy, health and, most importantly, loved. I want him to be LOVED.
Blue Love Haiku #9

If you all learn one thing from me, it is – you are always exactly where you are meant to be. Every experience you have, every choice and mistake, made you who you are today. You are a reflection of God’s love created to shine – shine like the sun. If you didn’t have all of those experiences, you may not be the person you are today. If you didn’t make those choices, you may not have awakened to your authentic truth. Everything happens in divine timing and every experience we have is all part of God’s plan for us to be our authentic selves. But, only if you allow it. Only if you let go and just go for the ride the Universe is offering you. Trust it will always be just fine – just fine.

I hope you choose to stand in your own power by knowing who you are and by finding what lights your soul up. Take time to honor your needs. Take time to heal and rest. Most importantly, honor your truth and enjoy the ride!

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