Self Care Sunday ~ Safety First


Governor Murphy of New Jersey just passed an Executive Order making it law to wear face masks indoor and outdoors to help prevent the transmission rate of Corona Virus. The only exceptions are if you are socially distanced (over 6 feet away from other people), eating or drinking at an outdoor establishment and socially distanced, under 2 years old or have a medical condition which makes wearing a mask difficult.

Believe me, I am just as frustrate about wearing a mask all the time as anyone else – especially because it’s hot and humid now. I went an outdoor Farmers Market on Saturday morning. It was hot and humid;  the mask was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wait to get into the car and take it off. I am an outdoors person and wearing a mask is frustrating but I wear it. I always have a mask with me when I distance walk. I pull it down when I am socially distanced and pull it back on over my nose when someone is coming close to me out of respect for their well being. I’ve adapted but I will be honest…

I’ve chosen to stay home more and to do things solo instead instead with a group now. Talking one to one or eating with someone one to one is ok for me.  I am just not interested in going out to eat or hanging out with groups of people anymore.  So much for summer parties – I am not going – nope!   I choose activities that I don’t have to wear the mask all the time or worry about where everyone has been in the last few weeks.

I found these graphics and I found them helpful.I’ve been using them as a guide. I’d like to say that just because restaurants and bars are offering outdoor options, doesn’t mean we should be going – especially in South Jersey resort towns where so many out of state visitors are vacationing. If you think they are self quarantining or taking all of the precautions, I can tell you they are not. They come from out of state, rent for a week and think they don’t need to wear a mask because the are on “vacation”. I will enjoy the local area in September after they have all gone home – that’s unless we are under another mandatory lockdown. Frankly, if there would have been a National lockdown in March/April for three weeks, it would not have gotten this bad… There are two viruses in the US, Corona Virus and Trumpism and the GOP let both of them spread unchecked.

COVID - Activities Risk

COVID and Sex Hormones

I am especially not interested in wearing a mask today because Tropical Storm Fay brought me a migraine on Friday morning.  I’ve been medicated for two days. I’ve managed to push through it. I worked Friday. Walked 12,000 both Friday and Saturday. I worked out and went food shopping on Saturday morning. Now on Saturday afternoon – I am ready to give in to the headache and exhaustion. I took the migraine meds and I will be staying home in the a/c staring mindlessly at the TV wearing a summer nighty to stay super cool 🙂 I don’t mind having a down day. I am off from work on Monday and will hopefully be able to enjoy the day while not being in pain 🙂

Migraine suffers understand  that sometimes you just can’t stop it from happening. Migraine suffers understand what I  mean that you learn to push through them but some days you just have to give in and rest.
summer migraine triggers

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💙🦋 Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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Self Care Sunday ~ The Migraine Maker

Sigh…long sigh 😔 i’ve had a run- in with the “Migraine Maker” and lost😂 The “Migraine Maker” is the Upper Trapezius Muscle located on the inside of the Shoulder. I tend to carry stress and tension in my neck/shoulders 😳I strained my left Trap last weekend carrying a bag that was too heavy. I think my bra straps were a little tight too. Keeping natural 38 DDDs upright, perky and facing forward isn’t always easy🙅‍♀️These graphics show where the Trap Muscle refers pain.

It’s not the first time I irritated the Upper Trap Muscles. I made the right Trap angry a few years back. It took six weeks to resolve. Admittedly, I didn’t know how to take care of it back then. After a previous round of physical therapy, I know what to do this time and hopefully it will resolve in less than two weeks. I didn’t bother going to the doctor because I know what it is and I know what she would say. Rest, ice and heat. She would offer me a muscle relaxer which would decline. We would commiserate about me not being able to take NSAIDS (Advil, Aleve and Naproxen) because of an Aspirin allergy. She would ask if I wanted an X-ray or physical therapy; both of which I would decline because I’ve been here and done this before. Time is the healer and some way to control pain would be helpful. This was also a reminder to stay committed in doing my shoulder stretches and exercises. I am really kicking myself for cancelling my massage appointment last week. I could have nipped this before it blew up like this.

After a three mile walk today with a migraine and a trip to the grocery store for produce and Green Juice, I decided to surrender. I retreated to my bed with a dose of Fioricet and Magnesium for pain with a moist heating pad on my back and neck. After resting for an hour hoping the drugs would kick in, I am now in my comfy bed writing this blog hoping relief will come soon. So, why did I walk three miles with a migraine? I did it mostly because I wanted to sweat and detox a bit. That’s also the reason I bought Green Juice for the week, produce, Chicken and Eggs. I decided to take the opportunity to limit my diet for a couple of weeks to give my body a reset. I am also detoxing my armpits and body from traditional deodorant so I can return to natural deodorant. I’ll be showering often but could get extra stinky by tomorrow 🤣You have to detox (sweat out the chemicals of traditional deodorant) for a few days before starting a natural deodorant or the natural won’t be as effective. I’ve used natural deodorant but I didn’t do the detox part so now I am trying it. Saturday night detox dinner is Veggies with Ranch Dressing with Bing Cherries & Blueberries for dessert to help reduce inflammation.

Self Care isn’t always pretty or enjoyable. I could have tried to push myself to go sit by the pool in the sun instead of resting in bed but why? A cool dark room is comforting when you have a headache. I also recently bought a Blush Duvet Cover and sheets with Roses on them so my bedroom looks soft and pretty. I wanted Blush on my bed because Pink is a healing color for the Heart Chakra. It helps to balance and open the Heart Chakra energies. I wanted to be surrounded by Pink as I slumber. The hand crocheted blanket was made for me by my sister, Sandra, a few years before she passed away.


rose quartz

Here are some self care tips on taking care of your Trapezius Muscles below from–Migraine-Maker—-Can-this-Shoulder-Muscle-be-the-Cause-of-Your-Headache-.html?soid=1101121545271&aid=F4kTfHC2oo4

migraine maker

If you do have a run in with the “Migraine Maker”, remember to rest the injured muscle before trying to stretch and strengthen it. Also make sure your bedroom is comforting so if you do need to retreat for the day, you can feel nurtured and peaceful in your surroundings.
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Loving Kindness Prayer
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved