Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
This morning
And you
We’re on my mind
Your name
Slid off my tongue
Into the air
From the
Breath I exhaled
As if
I was releasing
The feeling
Of missing you
Into God’s ear
Asking him
To protect you
On your path
It was you
In my dream
Just minutes before
Talking to me
As if you
Were standing
Next to me
And then
I opened my eyes
And I was
In bed
Naked alone with
You on my mind
You were
Laying your
Energy against
My body
And pressing
Your name
Onto my chest as
I exhaled
And said
Your name slowly
Releasing my
Passion for you
Into the air
Praying my
Love for you
Travels with the wind
Into your heart
And places me
In your thoughts
Sparking you to
Share in this moment
Of desire and
Spiritual connection
Before we
Live another day
In worlds apart
From love
That is shared
In the energy
Between us
I take a deep breath
And step
Out of bed
Carrying you
In my heart
Throughout the day
Laying with you
In my heart
At night
Seeing you
In my dreams
As the Moon rises
With the stars
Your soul
Is never far
From mine
Your soul
Is the moon
And mine
Is the stars
We are
Universal love
We are love
Under this
Beautiful New moon
We are love
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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Scorpio Moon ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Scorpio Moon ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In the light
Of the Scorpio Full Moon
I send
My most erotic
Thoughts and desires
Into your soul
On the wings
Of Ravens
And invite
You to join
With my
Sexual energies
And dance in the
Light of this
Glorious flower moon
I send my
Lustful intentions
Into the window
Of your lustful soul
On the wings
Of the Ravens
With a message
Of transformation
As we
Remove the restraints
Of love
And allow
Our bodies
To join in the
Creation of our
Linking my soul
To yours
Kindling your fire
With my flame
Cleansing old
In our deeply
Spiritual powerful
Under this
Most erotic moon
Standing naked
In the moonlight
I, your goddess,
Am before you
In aroused honesty
As you erotic
Calling you
Into the moonlight
To join
Our energies
And lay naked
In the essence
Of my goddess scent
Wet by your energy
Under this sultry moon
I Release
My inhibitions
Into your hands
For your pleasure
And lay open
In the moonlight
Waiting for you
My love
To write
Your erotic intentions
Into my body
With the shimmers
Of the moon dust
Howl with me
With each thrust
Howl to the moon
With each bite
My erotic conspirator
Howl to the moon
With each lick
My Playmate
Howl to the moon
My lover
Release the flower
Into your mouth
Let me see
The moon shine
Bright in your blue eyes
Howl to the moon
With me
My lover
I am waiting under
The Scorpio Moon
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life is best when lived passionately