The Tug – Love, Sex and Poetry

imageThe Tug – Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Pull it out of me
You pull it out of me
Reluctantly, I succumb
To the tug at my heart
You lassoed around my heart like
The sun orbits the moon
The tug at my heart pulls
Me further into its center
Gravitating to what I resisted most
As if a meteor on a collision course with the earth
Seeing the crash yet finding no brakes
I pump my foot in vain to stop
Admittedly, only to say I tried
Tried to stop the free fall
The one for which my heart had no choice nor defense
Nothing to keep the moth from the burning flame
With heat luring me to its intensity
I tried to stop the tug that so sweetly
Sounded the drum of a heartbeat faintly once lost
Almost without recognition
Driving the beat down to my soul
Tugging it with bittersweet desire
To follow it
With faith only we can see
To have it
With passion only we can know
To succumb to it
With love awakened unexpectedly
(c)2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

Note: If I was a DJ today, I would send this song out to Mr. Blue Eyes❤️ #believe

The Thread – Writing 201 (Rhyme & Prose)

The Thread ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Tie me up
Tie me down
Thread the needle
And keep us together
Stitch the red thread
Across my alabaster skin
Drag it along with your teeth
Tracing it into me
Knot me up
Knot me down
Tie me up with your tongue
Tie me down with your lips
Crave my desire
While I surrender
Willfully into your ear
Lace your thread around me
Pull it tighter
Against my skin
Pin your heart
To mine
Tie me up
With your eyes
Pin me down
With your thighs
Finally comfortable
In my own skin
I lay at your feet
I offer you the fire within
Tie me up with silk
Tie me down to you
And paint the threads red
The color red that matches the lace
That holds me from you
Tie me up with a bow in my hair
Release it lustfully
And set me free
Thread my love
Weave it through your heart
I’ll trace it down
To my desire
Follow the pattern
Down to my soul
Rest a while
In my arms
Find your way
in my eyes
Come swing
Swing a while on my hips
And softly kiss my lips
Weave us a rhythm
That ties you to me
Stitch a place in time
Call it yours and mine
(C) 2015 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately!

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Seek and Find


Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

And you shall find me
Waiting for
The pleasure
Of your company
In my arms
For me
I will be waiting
In my bed
With an open heart
Welcoming breasts
Nipples hardened
By the touch
Of fingers
Anticipating your arrival
Reach out
for my hand
I will guide you
To the center
Of my fire for you
I want you
To feel the
Fire that
Burns inside for you
Slide your hand down
Between my legs
And feel my wetness
I am wet for you
Only you
Closer to me
Look me eye to eye
Let me loose myself
In the brilliant
Blue spheres
That pierce my heart
And ignite my body
Lay peacefully in
My energy
Let me nourish you
Let me sustain
Let me hold you
Tonight and forever
My words
To flow like a river
Words of love
Sex and desire
Written by
Spark of your presence
I can’t contain it
Hear me moan your name
With passion
I need you
I’m waiting
Me tight
Pull me to you
Forcefully love me
Your powerful spirit
My body
You know
It Belongs
To only you
Kiss me
My juice
Taste me
On your lips
I am moist
For you
I am ready
For the deliberate touch
Of your masculine hands
Take it
Take all of me
Undress me
Lose yourself
In my desire for you
Believe in my Friendship
Explore with me sexually
In the safety of our
Passion is ours
Claim it with me
And let’s find peace together
Seek me
And you shall
Find Love
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE❤️ So Damn cute today I could barely keep my legs closed😈💋 I have to remind myself of where we are 😄My appetite grows more everyday😈 I want that FANTASTIC ENERGY all over my body💋 I am very attracted to that, and of course, the blue eyes❤️💋😈

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100 Rose Petals – Love, Sex & Poetry

image100 Rose Petals – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Rose petals
Connect my heart
To yours
Red passion petals
I lay
As a trail
For you to
Follow to me
Rose petals
To bring
Your heart
To mine
Rose petals
The scent softly
Sways in the breeze
Sweet smell
Of love and peace
Floats from me to you
Whispering in your ear
“My heart Is yours”
Rose Petals
I weave
Around your heart
And pull you
To me
Gingerly reminding you
Love waits for you
Rose petals
Spun by cupid
Around my naked waist
Shooting out of my nipples
Pointing their arrow
Through your heart
Saying boldly
I love you
Whispered in the breeze
Written on a petal
I love you
Rose petals
Tell the story
Of my heart
They openly bare
My soul
To you
The keeper of my desire
Follow the path
I lined
With Rose petals
Breathe deeply
Love is yours
I’m Yours
Rose petals
Written in verse
Of love
Dripping of sex
The poetry
Of my
Red passion
love for you
Rose Petals
Love, Sex & Poetry
Written from
My heart
To yours
A collection of
Love poems
Follow the path
Rose petals
Leading you
To Love
© 2014 – Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credit

“The Rose”
Jindra Noewi

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Poetic Intercourse – Love, Sex & Poetry


Poetic Intercourse – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Poetic Intercourse
My words ignite
Your flame
We make love
To each other
Through words
Moving through
The atmosphere
Our bodies
Connect through
Thoughts and desires
In a perfect union
I make love to you
Through my words
The time my body
Becomes yours
By command
Own me by possession
Wholely I submit
To the love and desire
You spark
Deep within my legs
Carried up to through
My center
To heighten response
You are my Muse
The inspiration to
My poetry
Make love to me
Through your words
Let them carry you
To me
I carry the torch
Of lust for you
Deep within
My soul
Enter me
Feel the sensation
Of my touch
Through your
Mind’s eye
Make love to me
Fantasies come to lif
Through words
Magically poetic words
Of love, sex and desire
In Poetic Intercourse
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note:  MBE❤️💋😈 💋😘

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“The Kiss”
Jindra Noewi

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Erotic Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry

Erotic Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

She opened the door. He saw her standing there. She was wearing red lace. Her red lace bra accentuated her large full breasts and the red lace panties begged him to touch her. As he walked through the door he knew this was the moment he waited for so long. This was the moment he finally would feel her body next to his. He could finally let go of the desire he restrained. He could finally breathe her smell in and give into the intoxication he felt when he was near her.

He imagined this moment many times before. He lived this moment in his mind over and over again for months. But as he stood there with his hands resting on her hips he knew this moment would be even better than what he imagined. This moment would set him free. He would be free from everything that held him back. He would be free from worry. He would be free from fear. He would be free from pressure. In this moment he would be completely free, completely free with her. In this moment he would escape into the soft warm comforting center of her arms. He would rest easy between the legs that beg to wrap around him. He would finally be free with her.

After looking over every inch of her body his beautiful eyes met hers and lingered. Words were said between them without being said out loud. Emotions were revealed without any proclamation. Both felt the intensity of the moment they both waited for so patiently. Slowly he leaned in and kissed her with eyes opened. He wanted to see her face as he kissed her. He wanted to be close to her for so long he was savoring each second of this encounter so he could relive it in his mind after they parted. As he softly caressed her body and tenderly felt the curves he lusted for, he felt joy. He felt joy for the first time in a long time. He felt the joy in his connection with her. Every inch of him wanted to rip the lace off of her and enter her right there without delay. But, he slowed his pace so he could enjoy each and every second of this first night with her. It was to be the first of many nights together for them. But, it was the first time he would touch her and he wanted to slowly take it all in.

Her heart pounded out of her chest as she opened the door and saw his face. The face she saw in her fantasies for so many months was now walking through her door. She was nervous yet confident in what she felt for him. As he slowly walked through the door and looked at her body, her nerves melted away and all she felt was desire. The desire that she wrote about for so long was now taking form and becoming real life. His eyes told her he was feeling exactly what she was feeling. He was wonderfully, deliciously in the same moment she was in.

The connection between them grew over time. A subtle look here, a glance there, a smile here and palpable sexual energy that passed between them laid the ground work for this powerful connection that was good for both of them. Both of them grew and expanded with each other in the distance but close enough to see the changes that were happening. They were learning their strengths, stepping into their own power, seeing the best in themselves and forging new ground for themselves with the other nearby. The synergistic connection between them became a powerful aphrodisiac.

As he removed her lace and saw her naked for the first time, he let out a long exhale. It was the exhale he held in for such a long time. Gently touching the breasts he glanced at in passing so often he wrapped his mouth around her nipple. As he kissed and sucked her erect nipples, she felt the wetness between her legs grow and she lets out a moan of her desire from deep within her throat. His hand moved down between her hips to feel the moistness between her legs. She was saturated with lust for him. He knows he must taste the juice she made for him. Erotically he kissed every inch of her down until he was between her legs. He stopped and smelled her and then spread her open with his tongue.

Her orgasms started small but built in intensity. With every lick of his tongue her legs spread wider in submission to him. As her passion was building, she knew she must feel him in her mouth. She must wrap her lips around his cock and have him in her mouth. She pushes him onto his back and made a trail of kisses down his chest until she took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him. She licked him. She stroked him and begged for him to fuck her. There is no other word for what she wanted him to do to her. She wanted him to fuck her.

Pinned to the bed by his hands she spread her legs as he entered her. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and she pushed him into her. He was inside of her for the first time. This was the moment they both wanted. The rhythm of their bodies was intoxicating. Every time he verged on climax he pulled back. She climaxed over and over again with him inside of her. He couldn’t contain it one more second. He grabbed her face, looked deep into her eyes and with one final thrust he exploded inside of her.

No words were spoken between them; none were needed. They stayed entwined together silently enjoying the moment, savoring the time they had together. They lay quietly holding each other until she crawled under the covers and started licking him. She was ready for him again. She wanted to fuck him the same way he just fucked her.

While their connection just took a physical form, the bond between them was strong before they ever touched each other. Neither one of them knew how this thing between them started or why they suddenly felt such a strong attraction to each other. But, they both knew for sure they felt good when they were near each other. They were good for each other in bed and in life.
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE:This short story started as a poem. But, I was enjoying writing it so much that I just kept writing so I reformatted it to a short story. I was really thinking lately about what happens when a sexual fantasy comes to life and changes form into reality. How does that look? How does it feel? What happens between those two people?

I guess I am thinking it depends on the two people. I believe when two people care about each as people, want the best for each other in life and are good for each other then reality can be as good as the fantasy. So, this story is based on a fantasy that involves real life people. Reality can be the best source of fiction.

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John Silver

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Escape With Me – Love, Sex & Poetry

Nello_Iovine_-_Tutt'Art@_(25)Escape With Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Close your eyes
Breathe deep
Take a moment
Think of me
See the flame
Of desire
In my eyes
For you
Hear the melody of
Lust in my voice
For you
Feel the rhythm
Of sex in my hips
For you
It’s for you
Refresh yourself
In the pool
Of my sensuality
Float carefree
On the wave
Of my body’s
Salacious rhythm
For you
Let me help you
Take the pressure off
Rejuvenate yourself
In between my
Soft warm breasts
Close your eyes
And find peace
In the warm
Inviting escape
That waits for you
Between my legs
Escape with me
Let go
Escape with me
Escape with me
Close your eyes
Slow down your thoughts
Meet me
In a moment in time
Escape with me
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: Not really sure why but I got this feeling today that someone needed a little support and encouragement today. Like they are feeling a lot of pressure. I would help him. If I could say these words to him, I would. I would personally invite him to escape  with me and find some peace. 😉 I would be his escape.

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Nello Iovine

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In The Center Of My Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry (Repost)

In The Center Of My Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Ball of fire
I explode
By your touch
Into a raging
Inferno that
Wraps you
In its fingers
Pulling you
To my fire
Lighting your
Way home
To my heart
Waits for you
Love ready
To twist
Around your
And melt
Your body
Into mine
Can you feel
The pulse of
Spinning the color
Of lust
Around your legs
Rising up
To the center of body
Tasting the tip
Of your fire
Placing my
Hands at
Your heart center
Kissing your lips
Bring you back
To love
Burning your name
Rest your love
Between my legs
Live in the center
Of our fire
Waits for you
Flames lick
Your ears
Brushing your lips
Come to me
And touch
Center of my fire
That only
For you
© 2012 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credit

Talon Abraxas – British Surrealist Painter – 1980

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Kiss – Love, Sex & Poetry

Kiss – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The moment
Is here
Is the Time
I slide
Myself into
The room
And close
The Door
Behind Me
Our eyes
As we
Move Towards
Each Other
We both
The time is here
Our bodies
As our lips meet
In a slow kiss
For a delicious
Frozen in time
A memory
To treasure
The memory
Of the moment
Of when
Your lips
First met mine
In a
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Photo Credit:
Nicoletta Tomas 1963 Madrid

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Naked Salvation – Love, Sex & Poetry – Repost

“It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But …opening up your soul to someone, Letting them into your spirit, your thoughts, your fears, your future, your hopes and dreams, that is being naked. ~Rob Bell

Naked Salvation – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Before you
Stripped of all
Offer myself
As a gift
For your taking
I lay
My desire
Of body and soul
At your feet
My hopes
Drizzled in
Your love
I lay
Under your
Entraced by
Your hand
That saved
In your presence
By your
Not Afraid
Of what
You see
You see
In You
I find
(C) 2011 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Photo Credit:
Logan – By: Eric Wallis – American Impressionist Figurative Painter

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