Self Care Sunday ~ Vaccinated

I’ve had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the @atlanticarenj MegaSite in Atlantic Ciry. I had no reaction to the first dose. I had my 2nd dose on Friday. I woke up Saturday with a small fever which never went above 99.5 but the exhaustion, body aches & fatigue were enough to keep me in bed or on the sofa all day Saturday. My fever broke after I took 1 500mg Tylenol in the middle of night Saturday night to help the body aches. It’s Sunday around 1:00pm and I am starting to feel better but still on the sofa all day. It’s interesting because I know many folks who got the 2nd dose without any side affects and I know folks who got worse than me. Regardless, it’s totally better than the alternative and totally worth it. #vaccinated #covid_19 #covidvacccine #pfizer #pfizervacine #buildtheherd

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