January 1, 2013


This is me with my typical extra large coffee. Although it’s decaf now it’s still coffee. The picture was taken today at the Polar Plunge. It reminded me that on January 1, 2012 I was 50lbs heavier. I’ve lost 80lbs all together which also reminded me of other things that happened in 2012:
-I stopped drinking alcohol.
-I went on Yoga Retreat for the first time at Kripalu.
-I Parasailed for the first time.
-I opened my heart, hung it out on a limb and I am surprisingly ok with that:-)
-I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
-I reversed Liver and Heart Diseases
-I committed to working out, health and fitness.
-I bought a new car.

I can see now 2012 was a year of growth and preparation. Almost as if God was preparing me for something bigger and better. I was letting go of everything that no longer served me including the extra weight.

13 is going to be my lucky number. 2013 is the year all good things will come to me. I welcome love into my heart, health into my body and wealth and abundance into my life.

Happy New Year!!!!
I wish you all Peace, Love and Happiness.

Christmas Day 1970 – Photo

Linda Christmas Day 1970

Linda Christmas Day 1970

I just found this photo over the weekend. This photo has “Christmas Day 1970” written on the back. It was taken the same year as the Santa photo I posted last week. So, looks like Santa brought me the dolly and stroller I asked for:-) Everyone says I look exactly the same only a few years older:-)

The photos of I’ve been posting of me when I was little are very special to me.  They remind of the Christmas Days when my father was alive.  He died when I was seven.  He was only 41 years old.  He had a massive heart attack while food shopping.  

I am the youngest of five children and I am much younger than my siblings. While they all joke I was a “mistake”, my Mother still insists I was the only one that was actually planned because my Dad wanted another baby.  And, I was his baby. He took me everywhere with him. I was most definitely “Daddy’s” little girl. 

Everyone in my family remembers how much my Dad loved Christmas. I remember he loved everything about it.  He loved decorating. He loved shopping.  He loved shopping for the tree. He loved it all. My parents had a Christmas Eve party every year. Green and Red drinks were served(Green Creme De Mint and Blood Marys).  I fondly remember those early Christmas Days before everything changed forever.  I say thanks to my parents for being good loving caring parents.  I am truly blessed to be your child.