Cleavage Selfie


I can’t get my creative mojo going this week👎 I am totally getting in my own way. I’ve been a little “off” all week. I’m not sure why I just feel a bit disconnected.

Could it be the energy of tomorrow’s new moon making me a little crazy? 🌚Is it that damn Planet Mercury spinning backwards until Saturday that is blocking my flow of words. Hmm? 👎 My “Muse” is out of town. Did he take my erotic spark with him? Am I missing my “Secret Flirtation” and his beautiful blue eyes? 😉💋

Without creativity I am resorting to my cleavage for blog content tonight.


Water & Sky Ground Me

I am renting a condo in a high rise. I have an ocean view. As a beach lover, living by the ocean is truly my happy place. While living here I learned a few things about what I like and don’t like.
✌️I like being by water. It grounds me. I would like to always live by water. But it doesn’t matter if it is ocean, bay or lake. I just want to live by water so I can see it every day.
✌️I like being able to see the sky at different times of the day. It makes me appreciate the vastness of the Universe. It reminds me that no matter what happens, the sun will always come up tomorrow.
✌️I like practicing Yoga at home while looking at water and sky. I stopped going to classes at yoga studios because I love practicing at home looking at the water and sky. I always want a place in my home to practice yoga looking at water. It brings me peace. It slows me down. It connects me to nature and myself.
✌️I don’t like that I can sometimes hear my neighbors talking. That means they can probably hear me talking. That creeps me out a bit. A house may be better.
✌️I don’t like that I don’t have a washer and dryer in my unit. I have to go to the laundry room.
✌️I would like to play my drum at home. But it would be too noisy in the condo.
✌️I love the simplicity of condo living. I have a million allergies and have no desire to return to any area that has trees, grass, gardens and flowers. Stone gardens and sand is cool for me. I am healthier here and feel better.
✌️I love the collection of art I am building.
✌️I love being able to walk on the boardwalk every day.
✌️I love that my building has a pool. I’ll enjoy that after the beach.
✌️I am happy and grateful now that I live in a condo by the beach.

✌️The most important thing I found out about myself while living by the beach is peace is within me. Therefore, I can live anywhere and be happy. But I would prefer staying coastal. 🙏

Here are some pictures I took tonight while I walked on the beach after practicing Yoga.






Christmas Day 1970 – Photo

Linda Christmas Day 1970

Linda Christmas Day 1970

I just found this photo over the weekend. This photo has “Christmas Day 1970” written on the back. It was taken the same year as the Santa photo I posted last week. So, looks like Santa brought me the dolly and stroller I asked for:-) Everyone says I look exactly the same only a few years older:-)

The photos of I’ve been posting of me when I was little are very special to me.  They remind of the Christmas Days when my father was alive.  He died when I was seven.  He was only 41 years old.  He had a massive heart attack while food shopping.  

I am the youngest of five children and I am much younger than my siblings. While they all joke I was a “mistake”, my Mother still insists I was the only one that was actually planned because my Dad wanted another baby.  And, I was his baby. He took me everywhere with him. I was most definitely “Daddy’s” little girl. 

Everyone in my family remembers how much my Dad loved Christmas. I remember he loved everything about it.  He loved decorating. He loved shopping.  He loved shopping for the tree. He loved it all. My parents had a Christmas Eve party every year. Green and Red drinks were served(Green Creme De Mint and Blood Marys).  I fondly remember those early Christmas Days before everything changed forever.  I say thanks to my parents for being good loving caring parents.  I am truly blessed to be your child.