Proof ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Proof ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
I need to see it
I need to see it
In my head
To understand it
To believe it
I need to feel it
I need to feel it
In my heart
To accept it
Accept it as my truth
I need to hear
I need to hear it
In my soul
My soul needs to swim
In depths of awareness
To comprehend
The impact
You will have on my life
I need to touch it
I need to touch it
With my fingers
To know it’s true
I need to sense it
I need to sense it
With my intuition
I need to bring it
Into my awareness
With the focused intent
Of my Third Eye
I need to intuitively know
What I believe to be true
Is actually true
I need to know how
Things appear in my mind
Are really
What they seem to be
I need to know
The words spoken
Have meaning
And that I’m not being
Strung along
For convenience
But I am valued
And rewarded
With life’s treasures as such
I need you to know
And understand
I am deserving
I am
I need you
To see it
I need you
To see
I am deserving
I own it
It’s mine
It’s who I am
I need
To see it
To own it
In times of doubt
I need proof
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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I read earlier this week, “creation is the antidote” for existenial depression. I decided to create tonight.

I’ve been reflecting lately on the notion that I have very strong faith because I have very strong intuition. It’s easy to believe and move through your day when you see it and know it to be true. But what happens when you are used to “seeing/knowing” and for some reason you can’t see it. Panic, depression and anxiety happens. I’m living it.

My heart has been a little heavy lately and the sadness is interfering with my intuition. I can’t see it – and not being able to see it, not being able to visualize it and hold it is causing me even more anxiety and sadness. I’m trying to reassure myself. I’m trying to steady myself. I’m trying to Praise myself into believing but a feeling of impending loss is obstructing my view. I am, however, taking the opportunity to explore other options and expand my horizons just in case what I’m trying to hold onto is no longer mine. Opening myself up to something new in case that’s what I am meant to do. What is meant for me will always find me.

A long time ago a friend told me the best thing about expanding your horizons is you either find something new or you discover you like what you have – both are good. Until I see proof again, until I sense it again, I need to consider that perhaps it’s not meant to be mine.

I chose this song because of the lyrics and I LOVE Lauryn Hill❤️👍🙏

I Open My Hand And Let Go – Poetry

I Opened My Hand And Let Go
By: Linda A. Long
In opening
My hand
I let go
Of everything
I tried
To hold on to
Too tightly
Reminding myself
I was
I overcame
I am now
By the wave
That swept
Through my life
It started
As a ripple
As one
Lead to another
And pulled
Me down
To the very
Of my soul
To find
For the first time
Traveling down this
Rocky road
To peace
My mind
“Go back”
My heart pounded
“This is too hard”
My body wept
“I can’t”
A small little voice
Deep within
“I must”
My soul
Not knowing
Exactly what
I was choosing
Only knowing
Life was forcing
Me to start over
I can’t remember
Making the choice
I don’t remember
I can’t reflect
On the exact
It happened
It happened
Every day
With every
Letting go
One day
Holding on
The next
Having faith
Meaningful things
In my life
Will remain
Trusting what is
Rightfully mine
Will return
I opened
My hand
And let go
I see
The very best
Of me
For the
First time
I accept
I am powerful
I stand
With tears
In my eyes
Because I
Set myself
In knowing myself
I let go
By Trusting
Myself more
Than listening
To the advice
Of others
I finally found
My peace
I let go
Of who
I was
And who
They wanted
Me to be
I timidly
Started walking
My road
To peace
The valley of
Of self-love
To the mountaintop
Of self-acceptance
I found
No longer
Validation or approval
From others
I pinned my
To the beat of
My very own
I opened
My hand
And let go
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I wrote this poem earlier this year. I’ve been thinking about it lately. I’ve been reminding myself to keep my hand open so I don’t hold on too tight; reminding myself that it is only by having open hands can I receive goodness and let love flow through me to others. The open hand is also an open heart. It symbolizes that I am open to receiving; I am open to all things that are good for me.

Are your hands open and ready receive all the goods things you deserve? If not, what can you let go so your hands are open and ready to grab hold of something good when it comes your way?

Remember this basic Law Of Attraction principle.

Ask the Universe for what you desire. Believe you deserve what you desire. Be ready to Receive what you desire.

(C) 2013 Linda Long Writes
All Rights Reserved