Breathe In My Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Breathe In My Love
By: Love, Sex And Poetry

In the fresh clean air
I breathe in
I find
A long exhale
I visualize it
As it floats
Out of my Mouth
With the sound
It travels
Across the air
To fill your lungs
And nourish you
With the love
The unconditional love
That is shared
In the bond
Of our souls
Twisted around
Each other
Until my soul
Is unrecognizable
Without the
Of your beautiful
Blue eyes
In my heart
In the silence
Of the night
I hear you
I whisper
Into the wind
From the corner
Of your mind
And intuitively
Comfort you with love
I am here my love
Speak to me
Know I can
Hear the words
You cannot voice
Out loud
I can hear
The breathless desires
You whisper to me
As you toss
From one side
Of the bed
And turn
To the other
Side of the bed
I can hear
Your worries
As if I carried
Them in my own anxieties
I can feel
The flow of
Your energies
From your lustful desires
Brushing me
Between my breasts
As they lay firmly
Between my legs
And leave
Your imprint
Across my thighs
With the thoughts
You send me
Through intuition
I may be
Temporarily retreating
Into the silence
Of the mountains
To balance self
To learn to manage
My abilities
And to learn
How to shine
My light
As a healer
Into the lives
Of others
I may be
Further away from you
Than your heart
Would prefer
But it is in the solitude
Of the woods
I know
The love
In my heart
Is still
It’s the same color
Of your eyes
It’s in the
Clean fresh air
Of these mountains
I hear my blue heart
Quietly echo
Your name
With every beat
And release of tension
I send
My love to you
In every exhale
I place into
The wind love
That floats
Peacefully into
Your lungs
Breathe in deep
My love
Breathe in love
Breathe out fear
Breathe in
The clean fresh air
Of my love for you
I love you
My blue love
I breathe love
Into you
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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

Morning Fantasy – Love, Sex & Poetry


Morning Fantasy – Love , Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
I woke up
This morning
Thinking of you
My breast
Were full of excitement
My nipples were erect
As if waiting
For the softness of
Your lips
How I want you
To kiss my breasts
I woke up
This morning
Thinking of you
Still wet from the dream
I had about you
Last night
Still moist with passion
Wanting your mouth
To taste the juice
That stirs for you
Between my legs
I want you to
Nourish yourself
With my body
I woke up
This morning
Thinking about you
My knees
Ready to spread
Wide open
For you to slide
Between my legs
To free your desire
Within me
I feel my desire
For you
With my fingers
Wet for you
The slow rhythmic movements
Of my hips
Calling your name
Whispering your name
In each orgasm
Did you hear me
Moan your name?
You were inside of me
With every thrust
I wanted you more
With every delightful
Thought of you
My legs called your name
Could you feel
My orgasm?
I was touching myself
While you were touching me
In my morning fantasy

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