Naked Salvation – Love, Sex & Poetry – Repost

“It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But …opening up your soul to someone, Letting them into your spirit, your thoughts, your fears, your future, your hopes and dreams, that is being naked. ~Rob Bell

Naked Salvation – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Before you
Stripped of all
Offer myself
As a gift
For your taking
I lay
My desire
Of body and soul
At your feet
My hopes
Drizzled in
Your love
I lay
Under your
Entraced by
Your hand
That saved
In your presence
By your
Not Afraid
Of what
You see
You see
In You
I find
(C) 2011 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Photo Credit:
Logan – By: Eric Wallis – American Impressionist Figurative Painter

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Salvation Lies Within

Somewhere in the middle of your everyday life it is possible to open your eyes to the possibilities that lie before you and want more. Rather than accepting the morsel of bread you were given it is possible for you to believe you are deserving of more and start taking steps, even small steps, towards something bigger.

Waiting for it to be easy is, frankly, lazy. Anything worth having is worth working hard for in this life. Waiting for everything to be perfect is an excuse. Nothing is perfect in life. We live in imperfection but still somehow succeed. Waiting to be absolutely positively sure you are doing the right thing lacks courage and faith. Sometimes we have to just jump and have faith the parachute will open.

I certainly do not have all the answers in life. But, I am not afraid to ask the questions of myself or others. I am not afraid to look at myself, challenge my beliefs, grow and change. I am not afraid to step into my own personal best and demand more of myself. Accepting less than one deserves is settling. I don’t need to settle. Assuming you’ll screw it up, once again, lacks faith. Oh Yee of little faith. Would you please pray a little and find something to believe in?

No, I am not religious. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I don’t claim to have a firm grasp on the Bible and depths of its meaning. But, I am spiritual. I believe in God. I believe Jesus Christ is my savior. I believe there is a power higher and stronger than me that I can trust in times of need. But, I also believe salvation lies within. Each individual person must take responsibility for their past, present and future and hold themselves accountable for their actions and, in some cases, their lack of action.

True salvation lies within and is a choice. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop assuming nothing good ever happens to you. Stop punishing yourself for mistakes you’ve made and forgive yourself once and for all. Choose to be the best version of yourself, whoever that may be. With reflection, courage, fortitude and a good plan anyone can save their own soul and choose salvation.

Salvation lies within…

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