Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss
By: Linda A. Long

Spun around my hips
His words
Wrapped around my hips
Like bondage
To the wetness
That rested in
The place of my desire
Like a boss
He made my arousal
Rise to his command
Blushing with
The hardness of my nipples
Hidden yet stimulated
He slowly pulls
On my thread
And releases
Our passions
In the smallest exchange
He arouses me
Like a boss
Fuck me
Like a boss
I whisper to his
Most primal desire
I want you to
I say it
With my eyes
You have been
Making me wet
All day long
I serve the King
With the energetic force
Of his presence
I see his desires
As they stir
My juices
My mind flashes images
Of me
Looking him straight
In the eyes then
Slowly slipping
My panties down
Unzipping his trousers
Pushing him down on to a chair
Lifting my skirt up
Over my hips
And riding him
Riding him
Like a boss
Like a fucking boss
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I enjoyed today😉💋❤️😈🔥 MBE🔥

Also, I felt good. Nothing hurt. Sugar Withdrawal is tapering off. I had a craving & a bit of a headache late afternoon but it wasn’t too bad👍

I was driving when this poem came to me. I pulled over and wrote the beginning to just get out of my head👍

The music is “Cowboy” from Kid Rock. I love this song. I remember seeing Kenny Chesney at the Linc a few years. When he sang this song, Kid Rock joined him on stage and stadium went berserk😄😄 I’m not huge country music fan. But, country music concerts are a fun especially when they add some rock. I’m going to another country concert next Friday night. Two of my nieces are coming down to my house & we are seeing Florida Georgia Line at Boardwalk Hall. The funny thing is I could not tell you one song they sing. But, the girls really them and wanted to come down the shore for the weekend. So, I am going to see Florida Georgia Line with them😄👍

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Seek and Find


Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

And you shall find me
Waiting for
The pleasure
Of your company
In my arms
For me
I will be waiting
In my bed
With an open heart
Welcoming breasts
Nipples hardened
By the touch
Of fingers
Anticipating your arrival
Reach out
for my hand
I will guide you
To the center
Of my fire for you
I want you
To feel the
Fire that
Burns inside for you
Slide your hand down
Between my legs
And feel my wetness
I am wet for you
Only you
Closer to me
Look me eye to eye
Let me loose myself
In the brilliant
Blue spheres
That pierce my heart
And ignite my body
Lay peacefully in
My energy
Let me nourish you
Let me sustain
Let me hold you
Tonight and forever
My words
To flow like a river
Words of love
Sex and desire
Written by
Spark of your presence
I can’t contain it
Hear me moan your name
With passion
I need you
I’m waiting
Me tight
Pull me to you
Forcefully love me
Your powerful spirit
My body
You know
It Belongs
To only you
Kiss me
My juice
Taste me
On your lips
I am moist
For you
I am ready
For the deliberate touch
Of your masculine hands
Take it
Take all of me
Undress me
Lose yourself
In my desire for you
Believe in my Friendship
Explore with me sexually
In the safety of our
Passion is ours
Claim it with me
And let’s find peace together
Seek me
And you shall
Find Love
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE❤️ So Damn cute today I could barely keep my legs closed😈💋 I have to remind myself of where we are 😄My appetite grows more everyday😈 I want that FANTASTIC ENERGY all over my body💋 I am very attracted to that, and of course, the blue eyes❤️💋😈

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Persuasion

Persuasion – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I was wet
Lust saturated my mind
And coveted
My every thought
Holding it tightly
Like you were
My arms to the bed
As you had
Your delight
My arms were above
My head
Pinned to the bed
By your masculine hands
You exert your dominance
Over my submissive body
Open to your erotic suggestions
Willing to explore
The depths of desire
With you
My lover
I surrender
My ample breasts
To the warmth
Of your silky lips
Slip down the curve of
Voluptuous hips
Into the waiting waters
Of our sensual chemistry
Anchor yourself
Between my soft thighs
With the assertiveness
Of your passionate energy
I release
The power of my sensuality
Under the firm
Of you
Inside of me
Your persistent persuasion
Raises my hips
With your orgasmic thrusts
My body responds
To the persuasion
Of your thoughts
As I lay leisurely
In bed
I think of you
This morning
I vision you at work
And I acquiesce
To the persuasion of your
That make me wet
And beg for
The touch of my hand
Between my legs
I surrender under
The power of your
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I had a lazy Wednesday morning in bed sipping coffee and doing other things😈💋 MBE was on my mind ☺️😘😈💋❤️

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Purple Panties – Love, Sex & Poetry

Purple Panties – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I see purple
I see me
In purple lace
Purple lace
They hug
The curve
Of my hips
A purple lace bra
My full round bosom
I see purple
I see you
Taking my clothes off
Slowly opening
My sweater
To see the
Depths of cleavage
You slowly trace
The edge of
Purple lace bra
That is peeking
Out the top of
My camisole
Without hesitation
Your hands
Cup my breasts
As your mouth
Tastes the salt
Of my skin
Slowly savoring
The moment
Of your return
In one swift motion
You pull my sweater
Over my head
And caress
My breasts that are
Hiding from you
In my purple lace bra
This moment is yours
This moment is ours
As my bra drops to the floor
I feel the
Excitement of my nipples
Erect as the heat
Of your lips
And fingers
Brings them to life
You’ve wait for this
You’ve planned for this
You slowly savor
The passion of this moment
Your life force
Rises up
In you
When I am near
Like an elixir
I am to your soul
Our passion
Nourishes you
So abruptly
Their voices interfere
With our moment
They ask you a question
And in that moment
You leave me
To return to reality
A meeting
Miles away from me
Yet, You still sex me
You drift away from
Our shared fantasy
And return me to work
And filled with anticipation
Sitting at my
My desk
In my purple lace panties
I am ignited
By your chaotic energy
And humbled by
My willing submission
To your
Alpha energy
Submitting to your
I affectionately
Submit to you
Leaving a trail of
Purple lace
In front of your door
I wait with
Legs spread on the desk
Waiting for my return
In your next midday fantasy
Of arousal and dominance
I’ll be waiting for you
In our secret world
Of erotic exploration
Wearing purple
Purple panties
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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This is what I was thinking about this afternoon. Wonder if MBE was feeling my vibe through airwaves👍❤️💋👀🔥

Also, I had a very hard time to find an image to compliment to poem. But I think the one I chose is ok👍❤️

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Lying In Wait – Love, Sex & Poetry

Lying In Wait – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. long

I am
A Lioness
Lying in wait
Under the cover
Of darkness
Looking for my prey
To feed the hunger
And nourish
The restless desire
I feel the
Wind change directions
As he circles
The perimeter
Of my secret
Space of lust
And desire
I smell
The scent
Of his skin
Drift in the air
As he moves
From side to side
Teasing me
Stroking me
Fanning the flame
Of our mutual desire
My legs
Spread out of instincts
As he stands
In the aura
Of my energy
I want to
Place his hands on
My breasts
And make
My nipples hard
With lust for him
Crossing my legs
To control
The appetite
Growing between
When he is near me
I’m thirsty
Reach up
My Lion
Hear me
Moan your name
Licking my lips
As I imagine
Just a taste
Of him
In passing
In the dark shadow
I suck on him
And taste
His passion for me
By the command
Of his
Dominant desire
I relinquish
Of our
Sexual journey
To my Lion
Enjoy the
Way he plays
With me
Licking my lips
Feeling the heightened
Sexual response
Of my body
I taste him
Only just a nibble
Until he is free
To covet the
Lioness he craves
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note:  MBE❤️💋😈 💋😘

Photo Credit

“The Red Corset”
Jindra Noewi

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100 Rose Petals – Love, Sex & Poetry

image100 Rose Petals – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Rose petals
Connect my heart
To yours
Red passion petals
I lay
As a trail
For you to
Follow to me
Rose petals
To bring
Your heart
To mine
Rose petals
The scent softly
Sways in the breeze
Sweet smell
Of love and peace
Floats from me to you
Whispering in your ear
“My heart Is yours”
Rose Petals
I weave
Around your heart
And pull you
To me
Gingerly reminding you
Love waits for you
Rose petals
Spun by cupid
Around my naked waist
Shooting out of my nipples
Pointing their arrow
Through your heart
Saying boldly
I love you
Whispered in the breeze
Written on a petal
I love you
Rose petals
Tell the story
Of my heart
They openly bare
My soul
To you
The keeper of my desire
Follow the path
I lined
With Rose petals
Breathe deeply
Love is yours
I’m Yours
Rose petals
Written in verse
Of love
Dripping of sex
The poetry
Of my
Red passion
love for you
Rose Petals
Love, Sex & Poetry
Written from
My heart
To yours
A collection of
Love poems
Follow the path
Rose petals
Leading you
To Love
© 2014 – Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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“The Rose”
Jindra Noewi

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Poetic Intercourse – Love, Sex & Poetry


Poetic Intercourse – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Poetic Intercourse
My words ignite
Your flame
We make love
To each other
Through words
Moving through
The atmosphere
Our bodies
Connect through
Thoughts and desires
In a perfect union
I make love to you
Through my words
The time my body
Becomes yours
By command
Own me by possession
Wholely I submit
To the love and desire
You spark
Deep within my legs
Carried up to through
My center
To heighten response
You are my Muse
The inspiration to
My poetry
Make love to me
Through your words
Let them carry you
To me
I carry the torch
Of lust for you
Deep within
My soul
Enter me
Feel the sensation
Of my touch
Through your
Mind’s eye
Make love to me
Fantasies come to lif
Through words
Magically poetic words
Of love, sex and desire
In Poetic Intercourse
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note:  MBE❤️💋😈 💋😘

Photo Credit

“The Kiss”
Jindra Noewi

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Erotic Reflection – Love, Sex & Poetry


Erotic Reflection – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s in the reflection
Of your eyes
I see myself
Standing before you
Showing you
My desire for you
My wild beating heart
That syncs
To your slow
Lustful exhalations
The source
Of the hunger
Deep within my
It’s in your eyes
I lose my
And open to
Your mind’s
Controlled desire
Pushing against
Your restraint
On the edge
It pulls you
Into me
Deep into me
It’s in your eyes
My naked body
Is reflected back to me
As if you are showing
Me your intentions
Asking consent
My return of your
In the blue ocean
Of your eyes
I float effortlessly
In and out of focus
But always seeing
A future
Being laid in place
With time
Standing before you
You command me
To touch
My desire for you
You want to hear
Me climax
As I touch my desire
I brush your lips
With wet finger
Taste the juice
Made by our
Feeding you
Nourishing you
I will sustain you
I see it
In your eyes
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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When man wants a woman, he gets a look in his eyes 👀👍 I love when MBE look’s at me as if stripping me naked right where I stand💋 He can look at me like that all day long👍❤️💋😘😄👀

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Jindra Noewi

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Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry

Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While I’m sleeping
You will be
Close enough
For me
To smell
The scent
Of your skin
As I slowly drift
Into our world
We meet
Across the miles
In my dream state
You are
Near me
My body
Is open wide
For you
In this alerted state
I see myself secretly
Sliding my foot
Up your
Pant leg
Under the table
As you eat dinner
As my eyelids dance
In REM sleep
I’ll crawl under the table
And slowly
Take your cock
Into my hands
Your hardness
Is ready for me
I’ll wrap my mouth
Around you
For just a moment
As I sleep
I feel you
fantasize about me
The intensity
Of your thought energy
Makes me wet
I wake up
In the middle
Of an orgasm
God damn it
What are doing to me
Your telepathic energy
Makes me feel
Like a sex starved nymph
Aroused and wide awake
Losing myself
In a fantasy
You leave me
Laying here
For you
To meet in
A fantasy
Will you
Touch me
As I lay
In bed restless
With lust for you
Will you
Your dinner and drift
For a moment
Into my warm
And ready for you
Will you
Excuse yourself
Into privacy
And lay naked
In a fantasy
With me
Think about me
While you
Hold your cock
In your hand
Travel across
The miles to me
Answer my
To meet me
In a fantasy tonight
Your body
To mine
Through your thoughts
I’ll be waiting
For you
Close your eyes
We can be together
Together tonight
I’m naked
And waiting
For you
I’ll be your
Sleeping nymph
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I’ve had some intense dreams and fantasies this week. I feel like it’s coming from my Secret Flirtation. Having strong intuition has it’s benefits. It’s turning me into some kind of nymph in my dream state & fantasy life❤️😈. I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking about sex👍. Apparently geographic location doesn’t impede our sexual attraction👍

The artwork on this post is titled “Sleeping Nymph.” It made me smile because I can relate👍😈😄❤️💋
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Theodore Chasseriau – Sleeping Nymph

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Nude Photos – Love, Sex & Poetry


Nude Photos – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’m telling you
A story
Can you
Hear me
Across the miles
I’m Calling to you
Nothing is the same
When you are gone
My cleavage
Feels the void
Of your absence
It waits for your eyes
To linger
Between my breasts
My legs
Are anxiously anticipating
Your voice
Commanding them
To spread
Ever so slightly
To invite you in
For a drink
I need you
My body
Notices when
You are gone
I’m am left
To a fantasy
Battery operated arousal
That speaks your name
Perking up my breasts
With thoughts of you
Think of me
Lay back
And think of me
Lose yourself in
A fantasy today
Wherever you are
I can be there
With you
Think of me
Picture me in
Nude photos
Put one
In your pocket
To remind you
What waits for you
Naked with desire
See me
In your mind’s eye
In the nude photos
We’ll take
While we make love
See me
In the nude photos
We will take
Just for you
Just for you
I will be
For your eyes only
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: this was inspired by two things. I am missing my Secret Flirtation while he’s gone & the nude photos that were stolen from Jennifer Lawerence. Mr. Blue a Eyes can take nude photos of me. But maybe we should stick to Polaroids as Apple Clouds don’t seem secure. Lol😉❤️👍💋😜😈😘

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