Dear Kind Sir – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageDear Kind Sir
By: Linda A. Long

Dear Kind Sir:
I ask you,
my dear friend,
To graciously free
The passion that
I hold tightly
Ever so tightly
Between my legs
Will you kindly
Assist me
With my situation
I try
And try
To resist the thoughts
The wild sensual thoughts
Of you
Tightening the strap
From around my wrists
And demanding
My submission
I expose to you,
My dearest kind Sir,
My bottom
Ready for the
Command of hand
To break the ties of my hips
With your powerful dominance
My body shutters by your touch.
I am a blush, Kind Sir,
With delicious fantasies
Of my stilettos resting
On your shoulders
Wild you
Suck my juice wildly
Taste me, Kind Sir,
I will drink from your lips
And source my strength
From our passion
In the tightness of your embrace
Give me solace, my dear friend
Possess me, Kind Si
I give you
My body to control.
Fondly, your ardent lover.
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Right Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

Note: A good old fashioned sex poem while Blue Eyes is away again…❤️💋☺️😈

The Thread – Writing 201 (Rhyme & Prose)

The Thread ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Tie me up
Tie me down
Thread the needle
And keep us together
Stitch the red thread
Across my alabaster skin
Drag it along with your teeth
Tracing it into me
Knot me up
Knot me down
Tie me up with your tongue
Tie me down with your lips
Crave my desire
While I surrender
Willfully into your ear
Lace your thread around me
Pull it tighter
Against my skin
Pin your heart
To mine
Tie me up
With your eyes
Pin me down
With your thighs
Finally comfortable
In my own skin
I lay at your feet
I offer you the fire within
Tie me up with silk
Tie me down to you
And paint the threads red
The color red that matches the lace
That holds me from you
Tie me up with a bow in my hair
Release it lustfully
And set me free
Thread my love
Weave it through your heart
I’ll trace it down
To my desire
Follow the pattern
Down to my soul
Rest a while
In my arms
Find your way
in my eyes
Come swing
Swing a while on my hips
And softly kiss my lips
Weave us a rhythm
That ties you to me
Stitch a place in time
Call it yours and mine
(C) 2015 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately!

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Crash

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Crash
By: Linda A. Long

I proclaim yes
As my hips
Glide across your hips
With each movement
The friction between us
Builds a momentum
Linking you
To my vagina
Pulling you
Deeper within me
Pressing myself tighter
Against your chest
Kissing your lips
My eyes meet yours
I pin your arms down
To the bed
As I surrender
In an erotic trance
Of the passion we share
Completely losing inhibitions
I lose track of place and time
All I know is you, us and now
All I feel is you inside of me
Your hand smacking my ass
All I hear is your voice
Pulling it out of me
Pulling out the words
Of my lust for you
Your voice pushing me
Into a chain of orgasms
Punctuated by you
Pushing hard inside
Of me one last time
Until we both
Melt into the peacefulness
We’ve found in this love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Art Samarel –

Music Yes, indeed. Crash into me Mr. Blue Eyes😉💋😈❤️🔥

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
The sun was out
But I still
Felt like I was
Drunk in a dream state
I was sitting
Eye to eye with you
We were naked
I was perched
On your lap
You were holding me
Tight against your chest
We were moving
Like a wave
Feeling confused
I stepped away
To get my bearings
I saw us
As if in another realm
I was here in my bed
You were there
In another meeting
Yet somehow
We were together
Making love
In my bed
In the middle of the afternoon
I saw myself
Crashing into you
I smelled the soap
On your skin
I felt your hardness
Grow with each
Thrust of my hips
I heard you
Whisper my name
As you bit my shoulder
I watched us make love
In another dimension
Where we were together
My pulse was quickening
As I felt your lips
Burn your desire against
My chest
I cried out
Your name
As my body
Surrendered to the
Power of your touch
In our shared vision
Off in the distance
I was watching us
Yet I was still feeling
Your skin hot against mine
I watched as you
Took possession
Of my hips
And moved them
With your hands
I listened
As I moaned
With each thrust
Of your hips into mine
I begged you
Begged you for more
As I lost myself in the love
I saw in the
Brilliant blue of your eyes
As I came one last time
I slowly kissed your lips
And let you go
I felt you slide
Back to your other reality
As I rolled over
I realized
I just had the most
Intense dream
About you
While I was taking
An afternoon nap
I fucked you at 3:00pm
In my afternoon sex dream
Was it good for you?
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Photo Credit By: Samarel on Sageword Facebook page
I LOVE this song❤️💋

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again
By: Linda A. Long

When the moon
Shines bright
On the
Dark shadows
Of your mind
And you
Find yourself
Restless with
The heat of desire
Burning between your
Legs for me
Will you count
The ways
You would fuck me
Tonight instead
Of counting sheep
Do you see
My breasts bouncing
As if hypnotizing
You into dreamland
Where I wait
For you
With legs spread
While you lay
In bed tonight
Will you twist
One way
To forget me
And hope to escape
The pressure
Of desire throbbing
Between your legs
Do you turn the other way
And silently
Say my name
Knowing somehow
I hear you
You know
I hear you
Hearing you
Call my name
As if from deep
Within my soul
My heart pounds
With excitement
For you
My master
I lay naked
In submission to
The wanting
That hardens
Between your legs
For my attention
Only my attention
Just as you are
I count the orgasms
I have as I imagine
My vibrator
To be your cock
Fucking me
Knowing that
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I’m restless
Tonight you know
My thoughts
Are the fire
You feel between
Your legs
My body
Is the ache
Your feel
In the depth
Of your soul
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I am the
You now feel again
In your heart
You now know
I am your
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: If MBE was here with me tonight, he would be getting quite a workout😈🔥💋❤️😄😉

Photo Credit

Music: My absolute favorite Billy Joel song “You’re My Home”

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Edge Of Attraction

Edge Of Attraction
By: Linda A. Long

My leg
Brushed yours
Under the table
An electric spark
Shot up through
My body
Straight into
My vagina
I was wet for you
Sitting there
Wet for you
We couldn’t
Touch each other
Wanting to feel
Your hands
Against my skin
But knowing
It wasn’t the place
People talk
I listen
But my mind
Is thinking about
Your warm hands resting
On my thighs
Wanting you to
Slowly slide your
Hand up leg to feel
How I desire you
Touch me
I notice
You are restless too
Are you sharing
My thoughts
Are you drifting
Out of the
And drifting yourself
Between my legs
Where sex and love
Waits for you
Are you
On your knees
Before me
Tasting me
As you feel me
Orgasm on your mouth
As your fingers
Tap the arm
Of the chair
Are you wishing
You could slide
Them between
My legs
And feels
My wetness
As you loose focus
Of the task
At hand
Are you pulling
My spread legs
Onto your
Hard cock
And entering me
With pent up force
Of our attraction today
Pushing against
Our inhibitions
Trying to break thru
Into reality
Do you pull
Your thoughts back
From the watery
Depths between my legs
As you sit up
A little straighter
I close my knees
A little tighter
As try to free
Myself from the blue
In your eyes
As if this will
Return me from the edge
Of our attraction
Only to notice you
Watching me
Walk away
The river of lust
Flows between
My legs for you
As I sit
Back and wait
For you to meet me
On the edge
I am
Naked to your eyes
Laying on the edge
Of lust
In the swell
Of our attraction
I meet you
On edge of
Lust and love
You are not alone
In your thoughts
I am lying
There with you
On the erotic
Edge of our
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note: I was thinking MBE needed some erotica from me today😈💋🔥😉😁😇Now that my four day migraine is finally gone I can finally write again🙏

When selecting images to use on my blog, I prefer to use Black & White Nudes that are suggestive and artistic without being pornographic. I also try to find images that tie into the story in the poetry. It took me a while to find this. I saw things I’ll never be able to unsee. lol😆

Photo Credit
Lindsay Garnett –

Music: “LA Woman” By The Doors
The rumor is Jim Morrison faked his death. I would like to believe that is true. I would like to believe that he saw that life was destroying him and he got out BEFORE it killed him.I will always love his voice❤️💋

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You
By: Linda A. Long

I kissed you
Even if it was
Only in my thoughts
I kissed you
As you left
The crowded room
Could you hear
My heart beating
In the distance
I shifted in my chair
As my arousal for you
Churned between my legs
My nipples
Were erect under
My sweater
To sound of your voice
As you stepped
Out the door
I followed you
And kissed you
Before you
Leave again
Steal a moment
With me
In a dark corner
Wrap your arms
Around my waist
And share
An enchanted
Stolen kiss
Before you
Leave me
Take me
With you
I whispered
Your name
As the door closed
I’ll go with you
I said
With thoughtful intent
I’ll stay by
Your side
We’ll talk
Endlessly over dinner
And laugh
As we rush
To undress each other
Slide our bodies
On the soft hotel sheets
And spend
Each night
Making love
To each other
As if we
Are teenagers
And this is our
First love
I will fall asleep
With my legs
Crossed over yours
With my head
Softly on your
Where I will nibble
Just a bit
To wake you
Before daylight
You’ll fuck me
With dominance
Before sunrise
As you watch
The sun rise
Over my ass
You’ll taste me
One last time
Before you
Finally release
And collapse
On my back
You’ll tell me
We have to
Shower together to
Conserve water
You always
Make me laugh
I’ll oblige your request
And offer my
Wet naked body
For you to wash
With each sensual
Brush against my skin
I’ll give more
Of myself
In one final kiss
You’ll leave
I’ll stay in bed
And wait for
You to return
Take me with you
It’s boring here
I’m here
Without you
Take me
With you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Note:MBE goes away entirely too much for my liking. I may have to sneak away with him sometime😉 Just something to fantasize tonight while I’m trying to fall into Golden Slumbers…❤️😈🔥☺️

Photo Credit
Google search for black & white nude photography


“Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Midnight 

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Midnight
By: Linda A. Long

The clock
Struck midnight
She was fast asleep
When there was
A knock at the door
It was him
Standing before her
In the middle of the night
It was the man
With the crystal blue eyes
Her head raced
With scattered thoughts
She wondered
How she looked
Was her hair
Sticking up
As she invited him in
She sensed
His urgency
She felt urgency
She felt
He needed her
It must be now
I won’t wait
Said his eyes
As his lips met hers
He slowly backed
Her up against the wall
The full force
Of his body
Pressed against her
She hungrily
Sucked on his tongue
To taste his desire
He spoke no words
None were needed
His body was telling
Her everything
She wanted to know
He still had her pinned
Against the wall
In the entrance way
As his hands
Slide over her body
Feeling the fullness
Of her breasts
Grabbing her ass
In both hands
As he buried
His face between
Her breasts
With one hand
He pinned her arms
Over her head
And slid his hand
Down her pants
Until he felt
Her wetness
With every stroke
Of his hand
She surrendered
More of herself
To him
Until she came
On his fingers
And screamed
In ecstasy
Fuck me
Fuck me
Right here
Fuck me
Their clothes feel
To the floor
Along with their bodies
Laying naked
In the hallway
Each other
As if they
Were eating a last meal
They devoured each other
The only words spoken
Were words of desire
As they lost themselves
In their sexual Union
Her legs spread wider
As he sucked
On her pussy
And pinched her nipples
Coming again
In his mouth
She pushed
Him back
On the floor
And straddled him
She took him
All the way in
Deep within her
She stopped moving
For just a moment
She wanted feel
Every second
Of his penetration
Slowly she moved her hips
And circled her
Hips around his cock
Until she couldn’t
Contain herself
For another second
Until she broke free
Of all the restrictions
That were between them
In that moment
She let go
Of everything she
Knew about who
They were
And only knew
One thing to be true
He was inside of her
As the inhibitions
Cascaded down
The slippery slope
Of her vagina
She felt every part
Of her body
Take ownership of him
Claiming every inch
Of his soul
With each scream
She assimilated
His energy
Into her body
With each thrust
Of her hips
The Queen
Ruled the King
As she took his chin
Into her hand
She looked into his beautiful
Blue eyes
And said
You are
That night she
Fucked him
Like he’s never been
Fucked before
Afterwards they laid
Silently entangled
In each other’s auras
Knowing what’s
They know
There’s something special
Happening between them
It doesn’t come along every day
Especially at their age
Sensing theirs was a bond
That was deeper than sex
Yet lustier than friendship
They laid somewhere
In the middle
Of a place
Neither one of them
Expected to be
Especially together
They found themselves
Laying in the middle
Of love
They were in love
And that changed everything
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: I have a headache. I’m on the sofa taking it easy. One thing lead to another and then another. And eventually it inspired a poem.

Also, MBE is hot, really hot… just sayin’😉😈🔥🔥🔥🔥 ☺️💋❤️

Photo Credit
“In Her Own Time” By Jim Young

Led Zepplin ~ “Whole Lotta Love”

Love, Sex & Poetry – Cuffed

Love, Sex & Poetry – Cuffed
By: Linda A. Long

Follow me
Down into
Your wildest fantasy
I’ll lead the way for you
I’ll take
Your thoughts
To the very edge
Of erotic reason
And pepper
Every moment
Of your day
With the promise
Of me surrendered
To you
I am cuffed
By soft
Satin threads of
The collective
Forces of our
Lustful desire
Linking me to you
Pushing the forces
Of lust
Against my lips
The friction
Leaves me wet for you
I’ll be the
Sultry tour guide
In the erotic fantansies
Flashing in your mind
I’ll preview the
Coming attractions
Relaying the naughtiest
Of my thoughts
To you as you sleep
Leading you into
Secret world
In my vagina
That flashes to you
Every time
Our eyes meet
You see into
My secret world
Of erotic words
and images
I keep hidden
From the rest
I welcome you
Follow me
Into my secret
Sexual fantasy world
Handcuffed to the
Power of masculine energy
I sit obediently
Begging in earnest
As my vagina
Throbs for
Your attention
I’ll whisper
“Yes sir”
“As you wish”
“I am here for
Your pleasure”
As you dominate me
With the gentlest
Of persuasions
I’ll open myself
As you tease me
Dangling the fruit
Of your lips
In front of me
Blowing a soft
Breeze against my thighs
As I quiver
Tugging assertively
On my erect nipples
Softly running
Your hand down my leg
Stroking the fire
Of your woman’s desire
Leaving me to hang
At the edge
Of climax until I
Panting for
The heat of your
Hand, mouth & cock
Between my legs
Look into my eyes
You know who
I am
I allow you
To see me
The same way
I’ll allow you
To own me
I’ll be under your
Masterful control
We’ll explore
Our new
Erotic fantasy world
I’ll leave my
Inhibitions in your hands
As I remain
Cuffed in submission
You hold my key
I sit
At your feet
It is only you
Who can set me free
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: MBE🔥🔥🔥 Not really sure what it is about the preppy look or if it is just really cute on him. But, I certainly like it on him. I get creative mojo from his masculine energy & manly attentions☺️

I’m writing as much as I can to take advantage of the creative mojo while words and images are flowing freely. Some days I get stuck. I try to write when things are flowing. Also, I hope to post a lot of poetry in the next few weeks to drive up my Page Visits. I am only about 1,300 hits away from 100,000 total due in large part to MBE sparking me to write.

What I am doing right now, writing, is my passion. Putting my deepest my erotic thoughts into words is great fun for me. It’s what makes sense in my world. When I have nothing else, I have words.

While I like my day job, it is not my passion. It’s a way to make a comfortable secure living. It doesn’t excite me. This excites me. This makes my heart race. This makes me happy. Therefore, I need a man in my life who knows how to stir my juices & push me to write poetry. MBE does that🙏😄💋❤️

Photo Credit I found the image on Pinterest. But, I don’t know who the photographer is.

Music: This is a very sexy song… “Criminal” by Fiona Apple

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne
By: Linda A. Long

Join me
In the comfort
Of my bed
We will honor
The day
Of your birth
With Champagne
A Champagne brunch
Drink it from my mouth
As you kiss me Frenchly
Drizzle it down my body
As you
Suck it
From my nipples
Massage it
Into my breasts
As you mold them
To the shape
Of your hands
Line my back with
With bubbly kisses
Until you bite
My ass as
You feel
The wetness between my legs
I will be
Your brunch
Eat me
Satisfy the hunger
That builds when
We are near each other
Savoring every part
Of my body
As you sample
The flavors of
My desire for you
Pour the last drops
Of sweet bubbly
Into my pussy
And drink it from me
Hold me
To your mouth
Like a goblet
And drink me
Drink me down
Taste the divine mixture
Of Champagne and
The juice of my pussy
As it runs
Down the edges
Of your mouth
Binge on me
As I moan
Your name
When you are
Full of my juice
Slide your cock
Inside of me
And thrust
Thrust until the
Last bit
Of pent up desire
Explodes into me
Leaving me full
Of your energy
Lying next
To you
Smelling of your
Sex and Champagne
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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MBE’s birthday is later this week. I’m starting his birthday week today by turning up the heat🔥I offer Sex & Champagne to start off the week for him. The little naughty voice inside of me told me he needs it from me today. He needs it BAD😄😈❤️💋🔥😇

Photo Credit ~ Nude Photography

Music “Do You Wanna Touch Me” ~ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts