Dear Kind Sir – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageDear Kind Sir
By: Linda A. Long

Dear Kind Sir:
I ask you,
my dear friend,
To graciously free
The passion that
I hold tightly
Ever so tightly
Between my legs
Will you kindly
Assist me
With my situation
I try
And try
To resist the thoughts
The wild sensual thoughts
Of you
Tightening the strap
From around my wrists
And demanding
My submission
I expose to you,
My dearest kind Sir,
My bottom
Ready for the
Command of hand
To break the ties of my hips
With your powerful dominance
My body shutters by your touch.
I am a blush, Kind Sir,
With delicious fantasies
Of my stilettos resting
On your shoulders
Wild you
Suck my juice wildly
Taste me, Kind Sir,
I will drink from your lips
And source my strength
From our passion
In the tightness of your embrace
Give me solace, my dear friend
Possess me, Kind Si
I give you
My body to control.
Fondly, your ardent lover.
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Right Reserved
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Life is best when lived passionately

Note: A good old fashioned sex poem while Blue Eyes is away again…❤️💋☺️😈

Secret Flirtation – Love, Sex & Poetry

Secret Flirtation – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s the way
You smile
When our eyes meet
It’s the energy
That lingers in the air
When we are close
Could it be
The electric charge
Of sexual attraction
When we see each other
Or is it
Just lust
Is it budding into
A deeper friendship
Will eyes locked
In an embrace
Lead to you
Wrapped between my legs
Will your eyes
Lead me
Into your arms
Will the curve
Of your lips
As you smile
At me
Lure me
To kiss you
One day
Maybe a stolen
Moment will be shared
Secretly in a shadow
Or will
The brush of my hand
Against yours in passing
Draw us into
An inevitable moment
When our lips meet
Our bodies connect
Our eyes lock
In this deepening connection
Between us
Transcending our boundaries
One day
Will we touch
Only time will tell
But, I am very much
Enjoying our
And the
Excitement I feel when
You are near
And would like
To be near you
More often
There’s something about you
I just like
In this secret flirtation
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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