Self Care Sunday ~ What’s Your Silver Lining

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This past week has been a little like falling down the Rabbit Hole? Like WTF?, Right? This Corona Virus stuff is just surreal…

The Media is not over-hyping this and I know it for one reason. My niece works for Jefferson Health Systems which is a large network of hospitals in the Philly area. On Wednesday they decided to move all non medical employees to telework. She didn’t have a computer at home and she couldn’t take the one at work with her. She only had a cell phone and tablet at home. I didn’t want her to get laid off so I bought her a laptop and few accessories on Thursday online at Best Buy and she picked them up in Philly that afternoon.  She helps my Mom and she is very responsible kid.  I was happy to help her.  She took the laptop into work on Friday to have the software installed and already started teleworking this morning (Saturday).  She called me this afternoon when she got done work. She told me she got a work email that said, “THE ENTIRE HOSPITAL SYSTEM THROUGHOUT THE CITY WAS AT CAPACITY!” That’s scary.

As for myself, last week was my first full week of telework. It looks like I could be teleworking for a while. I am glad I am teleworking. It will at least keep me busy while I stay at home. It’s funny though. I normally get dressed up for work and put my face on every day. I like to look polished when I am at work. Since I’ve been teleworking, it’s been more like this tho… 🤣 Text before Zoom, Skype or FaceTiming because I won’t pick up without cleaning myself up a bit 🤣
I ordered myself a desk two weeks ago. It arrived last week but it arrived in two boxes and in two different colors of wood 🤣 I sent it back and got a refund. A guy who works in my building was going to help me put it together but he has a large family and is around a lot of people. He shouldn’t be in my condo until this thing over – just in case.  I have tools and I am handy but I don’t know if I am up to putting a whole desk together myself 🤣So, I am going to wait to order another desk.  In the meantime, my dining room table has become my office. I ordered a few things on Amazon to make it more comfortable but all in all it’s a nice set up and you can’t beat my view.

I am not even gonna lie… this thing has my anxiety running a bit high. Today, Saturday, is my birthday. It’s weird… I am social distancing while also celebrating another day of living…I may order a gluten free pizza and chocolate cake to celebrate but I am trying to very hard to not stress eat during this mess. I’m also pacing/walking every day inside and have closed my Stand, Move and Exercise Rings on my Apple Watch everyday.


The silver lining in this for me is that it reconnected me to why I moved into this condo in the first place… The full ocean view makes me happy 💙 Every window in my condo has an Oceanview because I am on a corner of the high rise. That’s my silver lining and that brings me comfort every day. What’s your silver lining?

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

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