Your Aphrodite ~ Blue Love Poetry

Your Aphrodite ~ Blue Love Poetry
I spoke
To you
In the language
Of lust and desire
As my
Hips moved
To rhythm
Of your heartbeat
That I heard
In my heart
The moment
I saw your face
It’s not really
What we do
That matters
It’s that
You are near me
Your energy is
Close enough
For me to sense you
I sense
Your energy
My inner Goddess
Into your
I sense
The erotic
Fantasies locked
In your mind
As you watch me
Moving near you
Feeling you
Pull the desire
From your
Eyes into my words
You were
Close enough
To me
That I could not doubt
My intuition
I could only
And radiate
The love I felt in
Your beautiful blue eyes
I was
Affirmed that
My intuition
Sensed you correctly
You were
Back in my realm
Only briefly
You nurtured
My faith
In our connection
And nourished
The bond quietly
Growing between us
Never needing
Many words
We say more
Eye to eye
With each other
Than some
Men and women say
In full conversations
In my glance
You know
My body started
Burning with
Erotic desire
The moment
I saw your face
As your voice
Wet my lips
With ready desire
In anticipation
Of the moment
Your hand
Is between my legs
As I feel
The hardness
Of your lust
For me
Of all the roles
I may play
In your life
I most enjoy
Being your
Of love and
sexual desire
Until you are
In my arms
Your psychic energy
To mine
And join me
In our realm
Where you are
My Muse
My God
And I am
Your lover
Your friend
Most importantly
Your Aphrodite
(C)2016 Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC ~ All Rights Reserved

NOTE: The art on this post is Birth Of Venus by William Adolphe-Bouguereau(1879). In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and desire. She goes by the name Venus in Roman Mythology.I like Greek & Roman Mythology and would like to write more poetry using that imagery.

I originally wrote & published this poem for Blue Love on December 22, 2016.

Self Care Sunday ~ Jumping Into A Fire

Risk quote

Something unexpected happened this week. I received an email from the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition. Since I paid my tuition for my Holistic Health Coaching Course in full before school began in May 2017, they gave me a FREE six month Book Writing course($999 value) as a bonus. I had one year from my graduation date in May 2018 to enroll. I forgot about it; they emailed me to let me know my last shot to enroll in the free course is the class starting on June 3rd.

There was only one problem with this. I wasn’t really planning on going back to school for a while… My initial reaction to the email was hesitation. Do I really want to sign up for a six month course which means 5 to 10 hours a week for homework and writing. Really? Now? God damn Universe…I was kind of enjoying being lazy 😂

After thinking about it, I would feel bad not taking advantage of the opportunity and wasting the free course worth $999. The truth is I have been itching for some spiritual/intellectual stimulation and looking for a new hobby. I jumped in 😂 I enrolled in the June 3rd course. Any time you get something worth $999 for free, it’s time for the Happy Dance!

Happy Dance gif

With careful deliberation, I am approaching this course differently than I approached my studies in the past. I will not put myself under any pressure with this course because it is for personal enrichment only. Which means it’s a hobby and I can relax with it. I am lowering my expectations of myself in it too. I’ll be happy if I at least learn how to write the book and come out with an outline for a book. That’s all I want from it. I will also be happy if I start having discipline to intentionally set aside time for writing each week. I usually freestyle my writing; focusing on being more disciplined with writing will be a challenge for me… Lastly, the truth is I don’t really care if I finish this course. If it gets to be too much, I’ll just take a slower pace. I will still have access to the course information for two years after the six months is over. All I have to do really is download the information each week and save it as reference for when I am ready to dive in. Yep, I’ve changed and this time I am not stressing about it.

The funny thing is I was toying with the idea of writing a book. I even have a topic I am interested in writing about. It is kind of interesting the opportunity to take a free book writing course manifested now. The Universe is absolutely amazing. I am a powerful creator 😇✨The two topics I enjoy reading about the most are holistic approaches to wellness and executive leadership. Without giving too much away about my premise, I plan to write a book merging both topics. – holistic wellness with executive leadership or holistic leadership. I have plenty of reference materials plus my education. I also work with many leaders, coaches and managers. I can talk to them “unofficially/confidentially” and perhaps pick their brains without quoting them or using privileged information. I hope to, at least, get some feedback and advice. I would actually love for my former Group Manager to be a writing partner but I don’t know if he would/could do something like that🙏If not, I definitely hope he can at least be a confidential advisor since he’s shaped much of my experience. I kind of grew up working for him. I think he’s the bees knees and I don’t care if he knows it 😊😂✌️😘

So, I jumped into a six month writing course that starts June 3rd and it looks like I will be writing a book on holistic leadership… That feels like the deep end of the pool. I hope to hell I can swim. With working a full time job, I have a feeling the below meme could end up as my experience most days but I will hope for the best. I hope once I get rolling and with having the structure of the course, I will be better with procrastination.

Book writing meme

I also jumped in at work. It’s more like jumping into a dumpster fire there rather than the deep end of the pool 🔥🔥😂I started a new job a month ago. I have enough knowledge and experience that I was able to jump right into the mix. It took me a little time to understand the shorthand this new team uses but I know enough that I am not struggling too much. A few people weren’t really happy about me being added to the team. They didn’t understand my role. They seemed to feel threatened. I’ve been working very hard to clarify that I am not a threat to anyone. I am there to help bring discipline and strategy to their planning and processes. I am there to put structure around them to make things work a little better. I am there to help them understand and utilize the contract more efficiently. Leadership hasn’t been great at communicating that to the team so I’ve had to do it myself and now folks are more receptive. Yep, jumping right into a dumpster fire.

Jumping into a fire meme

Unfortunately, I am observing that there are fundamental inequities in the team’s understanding of their requirements versus what is actually in our contract. My observation was validated by another contracts specialist. Hyper-reactivity to the daily fires means the team has been pushing for quick turn around times on contracting issues which isn’t always the most advantageous for us in the long run. Quick fixes are sometimes needed in the work we do but then you need to have the discipline to wrap back around and look to see if you broke something in long run. A quick fix could water-down what was already in affect contractually if we aren’t careful with the wording and execution. Thankfully, a leader recognized my concern as valid and helped me form a workgroup to evaluate at least one problem they’ve been having. We need to understand if there are truly gaps or are we just not enforcing properly. They are all onboard now and this could be my first win with the team. Yep, I jumped right into the fire with them. Hope my perspective helps the team be more efficient.

What I am hoping to demonstrate in this post is what I am mean about holistic leadership. Take me for example, I took the time to work on my holistic health. Feeding the body, mind and spirit every day is essential to holistic wellness for all beings. As for myself, I’ve learned how to create and enforce boundaries. I need to learn and grow for fulfillment. I know I need to enjoy my work. I take time to replenish my body, mind and spirit daily. This makes me a better more productive employee. It also gives me confidence to assert myself respectfully and it helps me challenge others to meet me on my level. I used holistic methods to coach myself to be a better leader but imagine using these and other holistic wellness approaches with your staff…That’s holistic leadership. I can’t wait to explore this topic in a book. Someone may have already wrote about this but they won’t have my unique flavor or perspective 😊

Below my latest professional development read. It’s about creating workplaces where employees feel safe to express themselves and are empowered to be innovative without fear. I heard about it on Twitter from leadership author, Mark Crowley – I haven’t started it yet. It just arrived yesterday. I’ve had a bit of a migraine from allergies and haven’t been able to read much the last couple of days. If you are interested in reading this book, you can order it on Amazon either in Kindle or hardcover. I am building up a reference library for the book so I can use quotes.

The Fearless Organization

Let me ask you – Are you willing to jump into the unknown having no clue where it will take you? If not, perhaps explore what’s holding you back. Fear of failure held me back for a long time but not any longer. Failure is just another method of learning. Failure is only a problem if you don’t learn from it. For me, the excitement and adventure of jumping into something is worth the risk of failing…

Fear of failure quote

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Everything is always working out for my highest good 💙🦋

Loving Kindness Prayer💙
May you be safe
May you be healthy
May you be happy
May you be loved

DISCLAIMER: Poetry, views, thoughts,and opinions expressed on this blog belong solely to the author and Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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Blue Love Haiku #13

Blue Love Haiku #13

Blue Love Haiku #13 –

Blue Love Haiku #13
By: Linda A Long
I rest in your thoughts
Riding the wave of your breathes
Filling you with love

(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved – Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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This is a mid-week poetry and a little bit of a self care post.

I am enjoying writing the Blue Love Haikus. They give me a quick creative outlet without saying too much. As far as the future of this blog, I am focusing on writing a Self Care Sunday post each week and writing one mid-week poetry post for now. Any additional posts will be ad-hoc as the spirit moves me.

I haven’t written about my Holistic Health Coaching business lately. That is mostly because I wanted to take the summer off. It is also because I changed full time jobs. I now have a job that I find fulfilling so I’ve been focusing on growing into that position and taking advantage of opportunities related to my full time career. I realized in recent weeks that I can’t build a Personal coaching business while also investing myself in building a new program in my full time job. I thought I would be able to manage two clients at a time in my coaching business while working full time and still have a enough time for self care. It’s not quite working out that way. After giving it a lot of thought, my intuition is telling me my energy needs to stay with my full time career. I also need to ensure I have time proper self care. Therefore, I will not be looking to grow a coaching business at this time. I contacted a local homeless shelter. We are working on an agreement for me to provide three to four hours per month of pro bono Life Coaching services to their residents/clients. This means I will still be able to work as a Life Coach but won’t have my own clients to manage. I will also have some freedom on how and when I schedule the appointments. Most importantly, I will be able to offer Life Coaching services to folks who normally would not be able to afford them. That feels good to me. We haven’t officially kicked anything off yet but I hope to have this all in place by the fall. I also decided I want my Life Coaching practice to focus on Self Care practices. While I can do Life Coaching under my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Certificate, I would not mind getting an official Life Coach credential as well. That’s a personal goal for my future.

It’s 4th of July. I am taking a short break to rest and write this blog. I walked four miles this morning. Afterwards I came home to clean and pack. Two coworkers and I are jumping in a car tomorrow for an overnight trip to southern Virginia (not far from Virginia Beach). We are  going to kickoff a “Get Well Plan” with a school that has a grant that is at risk. It’s a great learning opportunity for me. It’s also an opportunity for me to facilitate between the faculty and my coworkers. I’m a little nervous about traveling in a car for five hours with two people I really don’t know. We are also taking the Ferry and Cheasepeak Bay Bridge Tunnel. We are scheduled for 5:15 ferry home Friday night. I am hoping for good weather and calm seas. lol 🙂 I probably won’t be home until close to 8pm on Friday. A weekend of fun in the sun and in DC for the day on Monday.

This is the time of the year that beach town residents life myeslf get to practice our Defensive Driving Skills 😂 Oh my goodness. People and bikes darting out in front of cars. It’s scary. 😱😂 I try to walk as much as possible. Parking in my neighborhood has been insane this year. Not sure what happened. I have off-street parking but folks still come into our lot and take our spots. Guess what? Several have already been towed 🙂 I almost had someone towed on Friday night but fortunately our maintenance guy found them and told them to leave. I didn’t want to go to any barbeques off-shore today because I wanted to make sure my car is safely in my parking spot before folks starting coming into town for the fireworks later. Fireworks aren’t over until close to 10:30ish. That’s too late for me to come home from offshore on a work night. It’s now about 2:00pm and I am getting ready to head down to the beach for a couple hours.

Lastly, The below quote spoke to me 🙂 I definitely speak Butterfly 🦋 I believe in transformations, breaking free and metamorphosis. I hope to continue to surround myself with folks who are good for me. I hope I also encourage folks to transform and break free from their cocoons. My question to you is:

Do you speak Butterfly or Catterpillar?


Look for my next blog post on Sunday. It will be about ways to practice Self Care and I’ll tell you all about my road trip to Virginia in that post. To see my daily posts, follow me on:

IG: @highestgoodcoach
Twitter: @highestgoodhhc

Lusty Corner Of My Mind – Blue Love Poetry


Lusty Corner Of My Mind – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’ll admit it
No reason to lie
Or pretend
It’s true
My thoughts
Have been filled
With erotic kisses
From you
If I close my eyes
I can almost
Feel the sensation
Of your lips
Moist against
My skin
My imagination
Is vivid with
Sultry fantasies
Of your body
Pressing tight
Against mine
As if squeezing
The sex out of me
And taking it
As your own
Deep in the
Lusty corners
Of my mind
Is the place
Where you
Are lying
Beneath me
Enjoying the rhythmic ride
Of my passion for you
That is ready to burst
Out of me
Onto your hips
Pinned to the ground
Beneath me
You give me control
I have you
As you lay
I slide my hips
And take command of
Your body
For a moment
In time
In my mind
You are mine
In the seductive
Movements of my thoughts
Our bodies
Are pulled together
Like magnets
Drawing close enough
To smell
Each other’s breathe
And feel the warmth
Of the sexual energy
Pulsating between us
One day
You will touch
My body
One day
I will feel
You inside of me
One day
Our passion will
Break free
From our minds
In a moment
Of complete surrender
Until that day
I will enjoy
The sweet feeling
Of arousal
From the Fantasies
In the lusty corners
Of my mind
Won’t you please
Dive into the
Deep waters
Of my erotic fantasies
With me
And touch me
With the power
Of your mind
An erotic encounter
To be savored in the mind’s eye
Manifest sex with me
Through the distance
Use your thoughts
To connect with me
In the erotic playground
I am waiting for you
In the lusty corner
Of your mind
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

I believe when two people have a connection they are capable of transcending space and time and can communicate with each other through the power of their minds & their thoughts. This poem is born out of that belief.

To read more poems from my Blue Love Collection, please visit my Poetry Page:

Photo Credit:
Jack Vettriano – 1951

Retrieved From:

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My Loving Presence

Art couples love

My Loving Presence
By: Linda A. Long

I offer you
My loving presence
As a soft
Place to land
For your soul
To find comfort
After a long week
Rest with me
In the warmth
Of our Blue Love

I offer you
A love without expectations
It asks nothing more
Than for you
To be
The best version
Of who you are
And for you to reach
The greatest potential
Of your soul
I want
My loving presence
To inspire you
To be
The reflection of
God’s finest Intention
As you strive for
The highest good
For your soul

I offer you
A kindred spirit
A soul who understands
The nuances
Of a soul’s struggle
Holding on and letting go
I understand
A soul
Wanting more
While accepting less
I know how it feels
For a soul
To Dream
Of a lover
In the quiet moments
And whisper
Whisper in depths of silence
To find comfort
In the connection
Of their spirits

I offer your
Heart refuge
From the harsh
Realities of
Living up to
And honoring commitments
Yet knowing
My love
My loving arms
Are only
A reach away

My loving presence
Asks nothing of you
I still
Hold space
For our love
Shaded Blue
To match
Your beautiful
Blue eyes

I offer you
Nothing more
Than a
Loving presence
In your life
For you to
Count on
Rest in
And hold on to
In the lonely moments
When our souls
Miss the familiar
Light radiating from
Heart to heart
When our eyes

Bask in the glow
Of the
Beautiful light
I hold for you
Bask in the glow of
My loving presence
Bask in the glow
Of my love
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC – All Rights Reserved

NOTE Writing poetry, especially love poetry for Blue Love, is a spiritual practice for me. It sets free my heart. It balances my spirit and it allows me to express myself in words of love. Having spiritual practices that are authentic and honor the true fabric of your soul is important part of maintaining holistic wellness.

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Linda – Poetry

Blue Nude ArtLinda – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

When you
Listen to
Your heart
Does your
Soul call
My name
In a low hush
Just loud
Enough that
You can’t
Ignore it
Or pretend
You didn’t
Hear it
Does my
Name stay
With you
As a
Lingering thought
Pulling you back
Into my
My deep brown eyes
That always
Reflect love
Back you
Reflecting back to you
A spiritual love
A love that
Reminds you
My soul
Is yours and
It is as
True blue
As the crystal
Of your eyes
Does my
Name rest
On your chest
At night
As you
Try to fall asleep
Filling your heart
With lust
And your body
With passion
Does every inhalation
Leave you
Restless and conflicted
As you
Roll over
I am not
Next to you
Does my
Name stay
On the tip
Of your tongue
As if
Saying it
Whispering it
Brings you
And grounds
Your spirit
In love
Keeping you
To the true
Wisdom in
Your soul
And igniting
The fire
Of awakening in
The depth
Of your being
Does my
Name root you
In love, affection
And adoration
When you
Say it
Do you feel
Nourished and supported
As woman’s love
Should make
A man feel
When given
Freely and joyously
Even on his
Most challenging days
A woman’s love
Should break through
The walls
A man builds
Around his heart
When he
Deprives himself
True loving fulfilment
When a man
Is truly
Loved by woman
Her name
Becomes his mantra
He says it
As a prayer
When he needs peace
He whispers
It as a meditation
When he needs
Her energy
To be with him
He hears it
In his soul
No matter
Where he is
When you
Listen to your
Does your
Soul hear
My name
And does it
Bring you
Does my name
Bring you peace
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

Most powerful force one earth is the human soul quote

Love Is My Religion – Poetry

Blue Moon Nude Love Is My Religion – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s in the blue
Of your eyes
That I see
Your soul
I see the fire
Of my kindred spirit
It burns a flame
Of passion and desire
Calling to my heart
Awakening sensations
Between my legs
Yearning for you
To be my lover
Lay me down
On the bed
And kiss my lips
I will hold
Your face
In my hands
And wrap
My legs around
Your hips
Pulling you close
To me
Loving you
As a man
To be loved
Giving you
All of me
Worshipping your body
As my alter
Loving you
Will be my religion
At the power
Of your manhood
I will take
You in my mouth
As communion
And swallow
You as holy water
Savoring your taste
In my mouth
Revering your essence
In my body
You will be
My alter
Have faith
In me
My lover
You can
trust me
I will hold
Your spirituality
In the valley
Of my cleveage
Each time
You see me
Trace my naked body
With your lips
And linger
As if praying
The rosary
On my nipples
My legs
Will be open
To you
For absolution
My naked body
Waits to be
Your alter
Pray with me
As I kneel
On your hips
Thrusting your
Into my body
Honoring the
Grace of our
Spiritual connection
As the source
Of my spirituality
Loving you
Will be my religion
Will you
Let me hold you
Will you
Let me nurture you
Will you
Be my soul food
And let me love you
The way
You deserve
To be loved
Loving you
Is my religion
(C) 2017 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

Reflection – Poetry

Reflection ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The question
I’ve asked myself is
Would I have looked away
If I knew
I would have to
Let go of you
Would I have
Changed something
In our past
Turned away
From you
Instead of
Falling in your
Crystal blue eye
Would I have
Silently said
To the love
That was rising
In my heart for you
Rising out of desire
With each encounter
Taking root
In my soul
Until one day
It undeniable
Spoke its truth
Into my heart
And I knew
I loved you
Would I have
Turned away
And passed by you
Instead of lingering
In your those eyes
And sourcing
My own erotic
Desires from your
Interest and attentions
Would I have
Turned away from you
If I would have known
Today I would be
Losing you
And letting go
Of you and of love
Would I have
Turned away
If I knew
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
Which have come
Mean so much to me
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That I see
My own soul
When I look
Into to them
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That carry
My heart‘s Prana
Would be
So far away
From me
Would I have
Turned away
From you
At our first glance
If I knew
I would be
Losing you today
The answer is
I would not have
Turned away
I would not
Have looked
Away from you
For one simple reason
You reminded
My heart
What it meant
To love someone
You reminded
My body
What it meant
To desire a man
You reminded
My soul
That love
Unconditional love
Is the purest love
I’ve enjoyed
Every glance
I savored
Every flirtatious
Moment between us
I thank you
For every
Erotic fantasy
Every orgasm
You inspired
As my preppy
My erotic playmate
I would not
Have changed anything
In our past
I was always meant
To love you
As we stand
On the edge
Of change
And life takes us
In somewhat
Different directions
The anxiety
Of losing you weighs
In my heart
I also remind myself
This doesn’t
Have to be farewell
It doesn’t
Have to be goodbye
It’s just a bend
In the road for us
A chance
For both of us
To grow a little
I a new direction
It is the end
This is where
We part ways
I understand
Everything you would
Have to give up
To choose me
And standing
In the honesty
Of that that truth
Makes me feel
Compassion for you
And empathy
For a man who loves
A woman
He can’t possess
Take with the
Force of his desires
You and I
Are kismet
Sparks fly
When we are near
Each other
You and I are
Spiritually entwined
My soul is
Wrapped around
You waist
You soul
Lives in my heart
Where ever
You go
You take me with you
And as I lay
In bed at night
It is your soul
I kiss good night
As I work through
The complexities
Of our entanglement
I allow space
Space for both of us
To reflect on what
It will mean for us
To live without
Each other
What will mean
For me to write poetry
For another man
What will mean
For me to close
The Bluelove chapter
Of my poetry
And my life
What it will mean
For you to
Walk away from me
Just so you know
One thing
I know for sure is
I wouldn’t have
Turned away
Even if I knew
You would leave me
Even if I knew
It was going to end today
I wouldn’t have turned away
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived Passionately

Art Credit:

Title: Sapphire Blue, By: K Madison Moore

Fine Art America

Big Love – Poetry

Big Love – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long

Is our love
Big enough
To ride the waves
Riding the
Up and downs
Of life
But still
Staying tethered
To each other
Balancing between
The needs of self
And the desires
Of the other
Is our love
Open enough
To allow growth
And awareness
Into our experience
Perhaps uncovering
Uncomfortable truths
Pushing each other
To the edge by
Challenging boundaries
Yet pulling back
With love
Compassion and
Are you working
In my background
Planning a way
Smoothing a road
Keeping a watchful eye
Without interjecting
Valuing my
Growth, happiness and fulfillment
As much as your own
Can I call you
A friend
Can I rest easy
In the knowledge
That you love me
Can I look into
Your beautiful
Blue eyes
And know our paths
Are intertwined
Can I sleep tonight
This is not the end
Of the road for us
It’s just
A new direction
We will travel together
Can I move forward
Into my
Pursuit of personal
And professional fulfillment
Knowing you are
Moving along
With me
As the mate
To my soul
As the joint
Synergy of our
Divinely inspired
Can I rest assured
It is as important
To you as it is
To me
That I am fulfilled
Is our love
Big enough
Wide enough
Strong enough
Ready to face
The next chapter
In our journey
Is it your hand
I will hold
Is it your mouth
I will kiss
Is it your waist
I will ride for enjoyment
Before I drift off
To sleep
Wrapped in your arms
Is our love
Big enough
To handle the
Enormity of our shift
For me
The answer is
My love for you
Is BIG enough
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best to be lived passionately!

Love Changed Everything – Poetry

Love Changed Everything – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s blooming
From the
Deepest part
Of my soul
Bringing you
To my attention
Reminding me
Wherever I go
You are with me
It speaks my name
In the middle
Of the night
As I toss and turn
Staring at the clock
With you
On my mind
It spreads my legs
In arousal
And erotic submission
To the truth
In my heart
The truth
I carry
Day to day
The truth
I lay next to at night
The truth
That opens me
To a new power
Within me
It blooms from within me
As a force
To heard
It won’t be denied
It blooms from within me
As a force
To be felt
Breaking open
My heart to
To new depths
Breaking the dam
Of emotions
I’ve held back
My entire life
Showing me
My truth
It’s love
Love blooms
Within me
Love is changing me
Love is my hope
Love is my fire
I love you
Loving you
Is changing me
It’s making me
More courageous
And profoundly
To be a better version
Of myself
I am blooming from within
Loving you
Changed me
Love changed everything

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately